7575 Melrose Avenue | Los Angeles, California

For years 7575 Melrose has been the place to stop and snag a flick with your favorite art vandals. Just recently, the art wall was given a facelift and it's looking a lot brighter. The old 7575 Melrose art wall was covered in wheat paste art, some graffiti and it was looking a bit worn down. Dirt Cobain invited SOYYO Magazine to capture the new work of art in action. We had the pleasure of meeting Vyrus, Angel Once, Goop Massta, Bam One, Adam Dare and Dirt Cobain himself. 

Check out the images of each artist's works, and tune in 3/13 for an exclusive interview with Dirt Cobain as we catch up in LA. 

7575 Melrose
7575 Melrose
Dirt Cobain