Bridgehampton Market Art & Design

There is no better weekend for a Hamptons visit than this one! Independence weekend, and art fair in perfect harmony for many to enjoy. The weather has been nothing but clear skies and sunshine it's as if we've been kissed by Mother Nature for working so hard on keeping it clean. The skies were a little cloudy late in the evening, and in perfect need to water the potato farm that lived directly behind the art fair.

Upon arrival we were accompanied by many curious art aficionados who were on a hunt to find a new addition to their home. Among the curious art collector there were curators, gallerist, and artist present to talk about the work that decorated the walls. A few standouts were Frank Currie, This Is Addictive, Margaret Bowland, and Hijack. Each artist depicted a current topic in relation to today’s society while still showcasing tasteful creativity.


See some of the images from the show below: