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Dirt Cobain

Dirt Cobain, also know as dirty styles took the time to describe the significance behind his artwork. The west coast graffiti artist, taps into his inner art zen with us at SOYYO - read what he had to say:  

Dirt Cobain
Dirt Cobain:  "I am an artist. I am a creative, I strive to be original and focus on my own style. I do my own thing, and always try to keep moving forward." 

SOYYO:  When did you begin art? Was is always graffiti?

Dirt Cobain:   I’ve been drawing forever. Ever since I was a little kid. It’s always been something that I’ve done... as far as street art and graffiti goes, I started out just tagging as a kid. It was always a rush for me. And I just grew from there. Always trying to do something bigger and better. 

SOYYO:  What is the meaning behind "U get me so high"?

Dirt Cobain:  The meaning behind “u get my so high” is that is a metaphor for anything that you can’t stop doing. Or anything that you always go back to. Anything that gives you a high. Whether of it’s art, love or music. It could be anything. I want people to create their own interpretation of it. I want it to make people think when they look at it. That's what art should do. It should make you think. 

SOYYO:  Are there other artists that inspire your work?

Dirt Cobain:  I’m inspired by all the artists that I’m around. People I work with and people that I know on a personal level. They all inspire me in their own way 

SOYYO:  Where did the name Dirt Cobain come from?

Dirt Cobain

Dirt Cobain:  My nickname as a kid was “dirty d” so I’ve always had that name. And Dirt Cobain is pretty much stemmed from that. It’s kinda like my rock star nickname for myself!! And, the obvious pun of the name Kurt Cobain is kinda like a representation of the era in which I grew up. It’s my way of giving a shout out or paying respect to the mid 90's.

SOYYO:  How has your sobriety impacted your artistic evolution? 

Dirt Cobain:   A lot of my art came from when I was detoxing a few years ago. When I really was just letting go of a lot a stuff and just started focusing on myself. Art is a form of therapy for me 

SOYYO:  How do you want individuals to feel when they see your art?

Dirt Cobain

Dirt Cobain:   I want people to feel something. What ever that may be. I just want them to feel some type of emotion when they look at my art. I want them to come up with their own interpretation of it. whether it makes them laugh, happy or even if they don’t like it. 

SOYYO:   Name the high and low points of your career thus far.

Dirt Cobain:   As an artist, I feel like there’s always ups and Downs. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a low point or a high point. But I do know that there is always obstacles. And there's always gonna be moments that are hard to over come. There’s so many ups and downs. But that’s all part of the hustle. I just always try to rise above each obstacle and do the best I can 

SOYYO:  If you could paint somewhere in the world you have not yet gotten to, where would it be?

Dirt Cobain:   I’m not sure where I’ll be next. But I’m sure it will probably be somewhere out of the country 

Tune in next week for exclusive video interview With dirt cobain!