being closer to the core of self.
James England

Sometimes, I would question why I use a camera. Why did I get into it, why do I continue… “why”. Well, why ask the same thing so much? It’s the best question. The one thing you’d ask to find out more. I was close to stopping. Label it as you please, but I knew my talent, but didn’t feel I delved into the craft for the right reasons. Spending time getting caught up in an overrated platform didn't contribute to my knowledge in art. My acquaintances would be able to appreciate what I could not see. Both of those factors alone brought me close to cutting this path of life short. 

But you know that feeling? The one where you feel you’ve struck gold? That’s what this piece is to me.  It’s my savior, one of my own favorites.

n a time where questions continued to release to myself, quietly, I put this together and realized, the viewfinder isn’t enough.

Ironically, I didn’t intend on symbolism, yet, it aligns with the time perfectly. The mushroom cloud is the conflict that I would undergo, internally. Placed in the center, the heart, it would inevitably tear myself apart. But the flower remained to represent the new spark in my mind. Everything from that point forward occurred as if it was meant to happen. My mind had begun to expand, and it continues to. All from here, I realized that what matters beyond the drive for being noticed, is being closer to the core of self. Being yourself is the best thing that you can do, and trust and believe that things will line up once you just stick to you. The bombs were not the end of a civilization. Just the start of new life.