Affordable Space for Creators to be Creative


Watch the video below for more information, click this link to make a donation. Even just one dollar can help, but don’t miss out on exclusive merchandise!

HolyRad is a creative studio based out of Brooklyn. It was founded by Daryl Oh, and has been quickly growing since their doors first opened. Since first meeting Daryl Oh at Treble Tuesdays I was in love with her graceful personality and professional demeanor. She has worked behind the scenes, and in the forefront taking on many roles to ensure success, not only for HolyRad, but also those around her. The sustainable climate she has created for her team and members at HolyRad is one we must help grow to maintain affordability in our creative community.

HolyRad is working to establish a second location and is asking for us to come together to make it happen. With only 3 days left, we can make a difference and help our allies in the creative world to continue on to the next chapter in their incredible company journey, that works for us and with us! Check out the video below for more information on the campaign. And don’t forget to make a donation!