Protect Yo HeArt's UncuttArt releases a podcast!

Protect Yo HeArt

If you live in New York, or have ever visited the city that never sleeps then you have surely seen “Protect Yo HeArt” stenciled on streets. UncuttArt came up with the quote, "Protect Yo HeArt" which has now evolved into a movement that reminds you to protect your energy and pursue self-love. Just recently I had the pleasure of meeting the anonymous artist, who is more formally known as Uncasso. Uncasso honored me with an invitation to his recording of a new podcast, that is being released monthly.

On a calm Sunday Afternoon, I made my way over to the Anthony, a newer venue for the creative night crawlers of NYC. Upon walking up to the door I was greeted by familiar faces who were taking in some fresh air before going back to the club filled with art, conversation, food and drinks to enjoy. 

The Anthony, usually a dark room with loud music and drunken debauchery, was brightly lit with art placed along the walls. On the right side of the room there were pieces by Dirt Cobain, Shei Phan, BK the Artist, and many others. To the left there was a live artist painting a woman’s body and a masseuse ensuring guest were calm and enjoying their experience that would lead to a series of recordings for a Podcast curated by Protect Yo HeArt’s Uncasso, who is partnering with the most impactful artist in the game to share knowledge and truths about life.  Listen to the most recent podcast here: