What are the fine arts?

Fine Arts (as defined by Webster's Dictionary)

1. creative art, especially visual art, whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. "the convergence of popular culture and fine art"


 Fine Art is a term used to define classic art forms such as paintings, sculptures, architecture, music, and literature. Although there are other art forms that have been added to the list since, French philosopher, Charles Batteaux gave us the term in the mid 1800's. In today's society we still appreciate the history and classics left behind by the greats, but have also found ways to alter, enhance, and define new forms of art that are still influenced by the old school.

For our #TheOtherSideOfTheBorder series we will be bringing attention to Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Music, and Literature that comes out of Mexico. Does your culture exude its own genre of fine art? Share with us.


Kehinde Wiley X Smithsonian NPG X Obama

It's been quite a year of breakthrough, so many have come to stand side by side and be a part of a more inclusive society. This week, Kehinde Wiley's Portrait of POTUS 44 - Barack Obama - was revealed and the whole world had something to say, including us!  

On February 13th, America discovered Kehinde Wiley - a New York-based artist born in Los Angeles, California. Wiley's impressive resume begins at the young age of 12, when he attended art school in Russia, then in 2001 he moved on to master the Fine Arts at Yale University. Since his graduation, Wiley exhibited his work in Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), to the Brooklyn Museum of Art - just to name a few. 

By painting Obama for the prestigious Smithsonian NPG, Wiley has made history. His distinct ability to capture current culture while keeping a lively element to his paintings makes every portrait instantly recognizable. His unique style brings a provocative yet tasteful element to the finished painting. Kehinde Wiley implements symbols to his portraits that have underlying significance to his subjects. Check out Obama's photo below, guess what kind of flowers are painted, and what they symboliz for a chance to win a FREE lifetime subscription to SOYYO Magazine.  

Kehinde Wiley

Leonardo Da Vinci sells for $450 million

With less than 20 privately owned Da Vinci’s in the world, it is no surprise that “Salvatore Mundi” was sold at a record-breaking, $450,312,500 at a Christie’s auction last week.

The 600-year-old Da Vinci is the talk of the art scene at the moment, with such a prominent history and hefty price tag, it is rightfully so. The painting is believed to have been created around the same time as the Mona Lisa. The painting is a depiction of Jesus Christ holding a crystal orb while holding a blessing gesture to whoever is observing the painting. 

In the early 18th century Salvatore Mundi was lost and later resurfaced in the 20th century to be sold at a Christie's auction for only $60, circa 1958. There was skepticism about the authenticity of the painting and was believed to be a copy. 

The current owner of the Da Vinci is unknown, but the former collector, Dmitry Rybolovlev isn't losing sleep over it. 

Da Vinci