From Tattoos to Music what can't Rainey do?

Rainey Ovalle

Name:  Rainey Ovalle

Location: Bronx, NY

Name of Organization: Hearse Boys

Social Media:  @RaineyOvalle  |  @HearseBoys  |  Ovalletattoos

Bronx native, tattoo artist and musical creative shares insight with us on his musical preferences and music discovery. Find out more about him by reading about him in his own words below, and listening to his latest album also linked below.

"it's pretty much just music, tattooing, and my social media presence. Those three things encompass everything that makes me interesting on the internet." -Rainey Ovalle

SOYYO:  What Genres interest you? 

Rainey Ovalle:  Haha, this is tough considering the array of genres I've explored on my two more recent releases. I guess anything I can flow over or anything I can dance to. Stuff that gets people moving. I really enjoy old school boom-bap, Texas trill, Memphis horrorcore, and trap as far as rap goes. I enjoy Afrobeat(s) and Baile Funk a lot as of late. And I've more recently gotten into Jersey Club and Chicago Footwork/Juke thanks to my boys (Shoutout to JukeBounceWerk and Papisquad!!! haha)

SOYYO:  Where do you go to discover music?

Rainey Ovalle:  Fortunately, I have the luxury of being surrounded by people who are well-rounded and well-versed in music, so I don't have to necessarily "go" anywhere. But I did discover Baile Funk and Afrobeat(s) on my own through endless browsing on YouTube. I find that I discover the most music when I'm doing a study for a genre I'm thinking of employing. For example, when I made Ela Monta, my first Baile Funk record, that was all I listened to for months. I wanted to get it right. I didn't want to do the genre any injustice.

SOYYO:  Are there events associated with your music discovery?

Rainey Ovalle:  I don't leave the house. It's more so the people I'm around that are involved in my music discovery, not so many events. But in the event that I do leave the house, chances are it's to go to a function that one of the said friends is DJing, which is how I find out about most new music. Otherwise, I'm just on YouTube all day letting the related videos play.


Rainey Ovalle