MOODY MONDAY: On a spiritual wave


There are roughly a million songs being uploaded to all music platforms daily. This makes it difficult to find sounds that bring us a unique sensation, and leave a memorable mark in our memory bank, but it’s not impossible. Recently, I stumbled upon Tidus, a hip hop rapper, songwriter, and producer who hail from Brooklyn and focuses on releasing how he feels in music form. His sound is lyrically moving, while the production is full yet simple enough for steady balance.

 “See you later” is an EP released in 2017 and it is the tone that helps get the day started. The steady rhythms and empowering lyrics get me in the get up and go mood to go and conquer. Conscious rapper/lyricist - Tidus should be in your daily mix. Listening to his albums feels like your spirits are being fed with the tunes you need. Listen to the song below and stay tuned for more coming your way.