Moody Monday: With Yore and his Debut Single, "Knew Better"


“Have you ever wondered what it’ll be when it all runs out?" Yore sings over piano and soft strings to match the elegance in his voice. Followed by, ”Who will you be when the world blows your cover?" A progressive question that leads into an internal conversation in Yore's songwriting vulnerability.

Co-produced Robin Hannibal (Kendrick Lamar, Dvsn, Little Dragon,), best known for being one half of the musical duo Quadron and founding member of Rhye, "Knew Better" is a compelling introduction to Yore's forthcoming EP1, and sets the tone for what audiences can expect. 


Says Yore of the release, "The song is an expression of new vulnerability and regret I started writing three years ago. I was going through an intense period of alone time trying to figure out my life, listening to a lot of meditative ambient music, and found this beautiful instrumental by a Ukrainian composer called Heinali. There was a melody I couldn’t get out of my head, so I just recorded a demo right there at home and forgot about the song for some time. Several months later , a friend introduced me to Robin. I've always been a fan of his musical sensibility, his attention to detail, his intentionality. He really pays attention to everything and was able to bring my vision to life."

Listen to the song here: 

Tuesday Ten with Soul Tigers

Soul Tigers

“I am what’s necessary to improve the life of the students I encounter." - Kenyatte Hughes

SOYYO:  What is your current role in Soul Tigers?

KH:  I’m the founder and executive director of the Soul Tigers marching band. As the executive director I oversee day to day operation of Soul Tigers Marching Band, Inc., Monitor music and performance skills, set up shows and performances, interview impending candidates for employment and relieve those who don’t work out, maintain program’s budget, Assist in the writing of grants, Cultivate strong relationships with parents, Attend all relevant school and community meetings, and teach the band. Amongst other things.

S:  Why did you come back to Soul Tigers?

KH:  I came back to the Soul Tigers because it was the foundation of my marching band experience. Band changed my life forever, and I’ve been directing the Soul Tigers for 16 years now. I changed a few things as it pertains to the colors of the band, made it into a non – profit, trademarked the logo, and name.

The Soul Tigers Originally started at P.S. 137 in Brownsville, Brooklyn in 1970, under the direction of Connie McMillian. I started with the Soul Tigers when I was in third grade, it was my first experience with a marching band. When I returned from the Marines and I decided I wanted to start a marching band. I couldn’t decide on a name, but I knew the band that I came from did not exist. I called Connie to ask if I could use the name, and she gave me her blessing. She said she was waiting for someone to pick up the mantle, and she was very happy it was me. Connie comes around every now and then, she stopped directing the band because of health issues.

S:  Did your time with Soul Tigers change the way you thought about everyday life?

KH:  My time in the Soul Tigers did change what I thought about everyday life. It showed me what hard work was and changed the “I can’t” to “I can do anything, I put my mind to”.

The Soul Tigers was only the beginning of my marching band career. After graduating P.S. 137, I went to the Jackie Robinson Steppers and learned more about marching band from its director John Walker an Alumnus of Grambling State University’s Tigers Marching Band. I learned even more about the southern style of marching and HBCU’s (Historically Black College’s and Universities) and what they had to offer Black Americans. I still take Soul Tigers on College tours, it’s the main reason we do what we do. To see students, graduate and attend college. Music is only one aspect of what we do at the Soul Tigers.


S:  How has it influenced you in your career?

KH:  I wanted to be a lot of things when I was growing up. My love for music period pushed me into marching band. I wound up turning the Soul Tigers into a non-profit and this is how I make my living.

S:   How many members are in your band?

KH:  Right now, we have about thirty members, but it grows every year. Marching band is not as big here as it is down south. Even in the South, marching bands on the High School level and the College level have been taking huge hits to it’s funding. Many directors like myself use our own paychecks to keep the programs running.

S:  What's a day to day routine like?

KH:  Well, Monday thru Friday band practice is from 2:30pm – 7:00pm, and Wednesday we have our conversation circle where we talk about issues that affect us as a people or just personal issues that the kids might want to vent about. Some days we go to sections where the students work on things that were taught the day before and some days we have full band practice where all the sections come together and work on new and old material.

S:  How are new routines inspired?

Our Percussion Instructor Osei smith is the heart of the percussion section, the music and the arrangements come from him, it’s either original or inspired by band on the college level that he and I enjoy listening to.

S:  How many hours a day do you guys practice a day? A week?

KH:  Band practice is life, so our students give up a lot to be in band. We practice 6 days a week 2:30 -7:00pm during the school year and 9:00am – 6:00 during the summer. The summer is also when we get new students, either incoming freshmen or Students who enter our summer program.

S:  Tell me more about what your mission is.

KH:  Our Mission objectives and attendant outcomes are comprehensive and use music education as the conduit to develop these young people on the cusp of adulthood so that they may reach their personal potential and be assets to the community at large.

We also plan to bring our type of musical performance overseas, to other countries, schools, and students that might me interested in learning how to play an instrument and perform around the world. We want this program to be able to take students from where ever they come from and allow them to see the rest of the world through music. As they travel the world we would like them to do so while keeping in mind that we want them to earn a degree, and use the band as a catalyst to escape whatever they may be going through at home.


'The Living Room Series' A benefit concert for M.A.D.E Transitions

 photograph by, @misterwil   photographed left to right: Joel Cross, Melissa McMillan, Ross Pederson, Addison Frei, Julia Adamy, Tarik Green, Toney Earl Jr., Tahira Clayton, Paul Adamy, & Dr. Deborah Adamy. 

photograph by, @misterwil 

photographed left to right: Joel Cross, Melissa McMillan, Ross Pederson, Addison Frei, Julia Adamy, Tarik Green, Toney Earl Jr., Tahira Clayton, Paul Adamy, & Dr. Deborah Adamy. 

There's something so liberating about allowing yourself to be your ultimate best. Sometimes we are compartmentalized and kept from reaching our highest potential, but with the help and support of others, we can bring the brightest light to the world. The M.A.D.E. Transitions program, founded by Tony Earl and Tarik Greene, allows previously imprisoned individuals to pursue a life after conviction.

They each pursued their own path with a mission to bring awareness to the challenges of transitioning into the real world post-incarceration.  Tony and Tarik founded M.A.D.E. Transitional Services, which stands for Making A Difference Everyday, with a mission are to design a path to a new beginning.

On Sunday, Dr. Deborah Adamy, PhD., of Enlighten.NYC hosted a benefit concert in support of M.A.D.E. Transitions. There were performances put on by a group of talented musicians of the ‘Living Room Series’ which originated out of Brooklyn last year. Vocalist, Melissa McMillan, and performer at last night’s benefit concert was the producer of the series and partners with different organizations to raise money while coming together with friends and family to share original songs. Last night was similar but a bigger version for the M.A.D.E. Transitions cause. The line up consisted of other talented musicians including Melissa Mcmillan (vocalist), Tahira Clayton (vocalist), Joel Cross with original songs and strings, Ross Pederson on the drums, Julia Adamy on the bass, and Addison Frei on the keys.  

To find out how to make a contribution to this amazing cause, see here! Stay tuned for more opportunities to give back. Coming to a place near you, SOON!


Make it Clap!

Make it clap
NYC Bass Colelctive
NYC Bass Collective

The video was directed by Bridget Moriarty of the collective production company called The Good People of NYC , produced by Anthony Fonseca & Amanda Bociek of NYC Bass Collective and shot by DP Blaine Dunkley . Shot on location at The Keep

 “Make it Clap” by Beat Kitty & Monikkr featuring TT The Artist , official music video was released today. The eerie visuals bring life to the up beat booty shaking track. 

The video begins with the squad gathering around TT in an eerie basement for a ouija board séance that quickly turns into one of the members becoming possessed by a sexy, glow in the dark Aztec warrior accompanied by a crew of alluring dancers. From there, it can’t help but turn into a black light, booty-clapping party. Choreographer Robert McBay perfectly captures the essence of the video with his perfected dance moves.

Visually & audibly captivating, the “Make it Clap” video is as enticing as it is entertaining. Stay tuned for “Make it Clap” remixes by Anna Morgan, Huda Hudia, Banginclude & Illexxandra.

What happens when you give a room full of creatives a mask?

soyyo magazine
soyyo magazine
soyyo magazine
soyyo magazine

Eleven Sixty Six and SOYYO Magazine came together to give you a fusion of music, art, fashion and a dose of fantasy. The night began with ProtectYoHeArt’s Uncasso live painting of his signature wall “Love Is…” for all the creative spirits to partake throughout the night.

Light beats were flowing through the room as Monsters On The Horizon’s lead drummer, Kevin McAdams, orchestrated a vibe. As people began to fill the room those who came to be a part of Ritual walked to the designated altar being blessed by Shei Phan’s Yin and Yang Pandas while masks of all faces and colors were picked one by one. An hour into the Ritual, spirits began to awake through the melodic tuned of performers like - I Am Monk, Monsters on the Horizon, Kaiju Killer Klan, Indica Wave, Vice Royale, and many more. Check out the photos below, and stay tuned for the behind the scenes interviews.

soyyo magazine

Rolling Loud

jaden Smith
Gucci Mane
Dice Soho
Chaz French

From small pop up events in Florida, Tariq Cherif and Matthew Zingler have now come to produce a massive Hip Hop festival in San Bernandino, California. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Rolling Loud. This event highlighted the power of music culture at its finest - promoting artists from various sub genres of Hip Hop. Headliners ranged from Schoolboy Q all the way to Young Thug and of course crowd favorites such as, Post Malone and  Gucci Mane. Between 3 stages you find music lovers in all directions alongside your every day stoners stating there were, “Fire” food choices. And to top it all off, the California weather was the cherry on top to this well curated event. Fans near and far congregate annually for shows to feed their musical groove - moving forward, we will continue to capture and enjoy Rolling Loud alongside the best musical talent!

Christopher Pierantoni
Schoolboy Q
Lil Xan
SS Warhol

Turn it up playlist

Its winter and New York City is freezing over, but this year we've had some FIRE tracks released by some of our favorite musical prodigies. Check out our quick weekend playlist below and let us know which is your favorite in a comment below!

1. To wake up your inner Cardi B listen to PONY B - Yoo Q

2.  To empower your inner thug, BVNDGXD -  CHXPO [Produced by OOGIEMANE]

3. For a new wave Tornado - James Pyke [Produced by Kadey James]

4. To remind you of a weekend love affair Nigh Time Lovers by Indica Wave

5. To plan your next escape LAX [Produced by BigHead] - The Underd0g

6. Bring some House party vibes with Codes, "Tap That A**"

7. Winter Session Mix 004 - SNBRN

8. and to end the weekend right we can listen to Walker & Royce's latest EP Self Help on a "Sunday"