'Bare Maximum' by Sindigo


We were first introduced to Sindigo by the beauty of SoundCloud. She gave me chills. Her voice brought back the R&B spirit of the 90s and the production is true to the old school vibes of the genre's nature.

As Sindigo releases her new album we had the opportunity to know about it in her own words! See what she had to say below. To learn more about Sindigo cop the second issue of SOYYO Magazine where you can read some more about Sindigo. 

SOYYO:  Who produced the album? Any honorable mentions who helped you with this project?

Sindigo:  "The album was mixed & mastered by RAWQWLTY. As well as written, recorded and vocally produced by me."

SOYYO:  What inspired this album?

Sindigo:  "Everyday life and lessons. The title of the album was inspired by Steve Lacy’s concept of the Bare Maximum. I often feel like I try too hard, go too far out of my way or do too much because I’m so passionate. This idea of making the most out of whatever you already have was a like weight off my shoulders. This album is a “no frills” expression of my human experience."


Soyyo:  How do you hope this will make your audience feel?

Sindigo:  "I hope this album will make my audience feel good. It felt good making it."

Sindigo is on to something by bringing back the old school. The introduction to new soul jazz in her tempo brings a new sense of the “no frills” vibe.

She's riding her own wave and you have to follow it now!

Check out her album, now available on all streaming platforms: https://www.reverbnation.com/SINDIGO