Moody Monday: Femme Fatale trio with a 'Body Count' Remix

Body Count
Jessie Reyez

As we celebrate the anniversary of Women’s Suffrage, it is only fitting to feature three badass women who are conquering the music scene. Jessie Reyez, Kehlani, and Normani just released a remix of ‘Body Count’. The song originally by Reyez is given an uplifting spark with features by the uniquely talented Normani and Kehlani.

Normani comes into the mix with an empowering verse that expresses the power of her sexuality and independence. She then joins Reyez on the chorus, while adding a layer of her gentle, yet mighty voice. Kehlani, chimes in with her verse in which she throws shade to the misogynist of society. With personal favorite lines,

“I’m sure if tables turned and it was dollar signs per body

You would be one very rich and wealthy man

I dodge dick for some pussy, something that we can agree on”.  

The trio’s individuality in musical style complements “Body Count” and bites back to a generation which has been so deeply influenced by the patriarchy. These ladies want to speak freely and let the world know that they can play just as hard, if not harder as the boys.


Kehlani’s voice so sweet like honey, with Normani’s sexy fierce vocals, and Jessie Reyez’s unmatched range gives the ladies a song to empower and uplift the spirit. Have you heard it? What do you think?