MOODY MONDAY takes you to Vienna, have a listen!



Austrian's finest electro pop duo, LEYYA, releases an experimental intrigue, "Wannabe" that takes us into a cycle of emotions. The song is a play on words taking us through the ongoing Nh battle of wanting to be like those people next to us, while they too secretly wish to be just like you. The song and video showcase the beauty of being self with the surroundings of your natural environment. While the dance beat grooves we are taken through the rabbit hole of stop and repeat of visuals of, "Wannabe".

The LEYYA duo is comprised of Sophie Lindinger and Marco Kleebauer. The two also star in the music video and give us their playful take on wordplay, and tasteful musical production. Sophie's soft vocals take us on a journey from gentle to high spirits as Marco lifts us up with some uptempo drums and "bubbling synthesizers". 

Listen to the song here and stay tuned for more on the Vienna natives, LEYYA.