Make it Clap!

Make it clap
NYC Bass Colelctive
NYC Bass Collective

The video was directed by Bridget Moriarty of the collective production company called The Good People of NYC , produced by Anthony Fonseca & Amanda Bociek of NYC Bass Collective and shot by DP Blaine Dunkley . Shot on location at The Keep

 “Make it Clap” by Beat Kitty & Monikkr featuring TT The Artist , official music video was released today. The eerie visuals bring life to the up beat booty shaking track. 

The video begins with the squad gathering around TT in an eerie basement for a ouija board séance that quickly turns into one of the members becoming possessed by a sexy, glow in the dark Aztec warrior accompanied by a crew of alluring dancers. From there, it can’t help but turn into a black light, booty-clapping party. Choreographer Robert McBay perfectly captures the essence of the video with his perfected dance moves.

Visually & audibly captivating, the “Make it Clap” video is as enticing as it is entertaining. Stay tuned for “Make it Clap” remixes by Anna Morgan, Huda Hudia, Banginclude & Illexxandra.