Moody Monday is feeling a little grimey

Splurgeboys out of the pan

Hip Hop celebrated its 45th Birthday on Saturday, and of course, just like everything else in the arts, there is evolution and enhancements that then create something new. In this particular scenario, we are talking about Grime music, which is considered to be one of the most innovative genres coming out of the UK since Punk after Rock and Roll. 

With influences from Dancehall, Garage, Reggae, and Hip-hop, Grime has emerged out of the underground of London. The genre is defined by its signature 140 BPM, and today we will introduce you to Splurgeboys who are always cooking something out of 'The Tank' (their home-based studio). The brother duo comprised of Splurgeboy Tee, and Splurgeboy Rocket released, 'Out of The Pan' early this year and we can't help but bring the album back because it is full of playful tracks to hype up the night or add a bit of spice to the mix. And we always need a little bit of spice to kick off the week.

The Splurgeboys are the heart to innovations coming out of Grime in London. Their production, collaborations, and visuals in their execution show you just that, and as we have followed their journey we see there is always something new about to be dropped. Check out their full album below. Tell us what you think, because there is more coming.