Washed Apparel Co releases A Surprise Drop Today

Washed Apparel Co is comprised of two young geniuses known as, Kyle Wallack and Tim Edmonds. They have been working on developing Washed Apparel Co for over 2 years now. Their company focuses on everyday wear with pop culture influences such as gaming, sports, and music. The duo began their company by communicating remotely for two years, and have now recently began working side by side for their most current cut and sew collection.

Today, Washed is releasing a surprise limited run series of hoodies at 6:00PM Eastern time.


The September Issue


The queen of statements is at it again. Beyoncé Knowles Carter is taking over American Vogue, and it is in a much bigger way than just gracing the cover as she's done so in the past. This time she has "unprecedented control", as reported by Huffington Post and is pushing boundaries in more ways than one. 

Never in the history of Vogue has a cover star had a say over concept, script, or team. But, this year, this month, Beyoncé is set to hire first black photographer to shoot the Vogue's September issue cover story. This is a huge stride for fashion! Did we mention that Tyler Mitchell is only 23 years old! There is no doubt that this is a historical point for Vogue and fashion. 


The September issue is the biggest, most pursued, and THE biggest issue of the year. Stay tuned for photos of the cover and our take but for now enjoy getting to know Tyler Mitchell's photography below. 


Buy one give one, the eco friendly way


ONI is a Social Enterprise that we discovered on our search for sustainable brands. We discovered that not only are their products made with environmentally friendly materials, but also decorated with embroidery of Mexican Artisan Communities from different regions of the country, under the principle of fair trade. In addition, part of the sales are destined to social and environmental activities.

In this way they generate a chain of value from beginning to end, in which our planet is protected from various angles; going through a responsible sale and consumption while also giving back to the communities the products come from. 

So far ONI Originals has planted more than 120 trees, and had green roofed a nursing home. They have also donated more than 60 pairs of shoes to people in need.

"Our flagship product are shoes, which have 3 PET plastic bottles in its interior, thus cleaning the planet of plastics that are fully usable, and instead of damaging the environment, we give them a second life.

In addition to the tennis we have more products such as bags made with eco-leather (which is made with scraps of skin) and a line of jackets which we are launching, that also have PET plastic inside. These last two products also have handmade embroidery and are made under the same principle of fair trade."

At ONI they seek to grow, so there is always room to improve, create, invent and do more incredible things. This way they can create more products with innovative materials that are good for the world, while also doing more to help these social and environmental causes that we are interested in. Check out their products at: https://www.onioriginal.com/


Package Free: An Oasis For Sustainability Fanatics

When Lauren Singer decided to use a mason jar as her personal trashcan, she probably didn’t expect it would gain much attention. But every major outlet from Vox to MSNBC wanted to know more about the woman that could fit years worth of her non-compostable items into a 16 oz glass bottle.


I mean, it's commendable. The closest I've come to a social experiment like this is when I leave receipts and gum wrappers at the bottom of my purse for a month.

Today, Singer is known for more than her Four Years of Trash: One Jar project, which is now in its fifth year, she's also the founder of a store dedicated to zero waste called Package Free. Their mission is to offer customers simple and effective ways to eliminate or reduce the trash in their lives. The shop offers everything to live a sustainably from items like the obvious Stainless Steel Water Bottle or the surprising non-toxic, vegan fragrance-free candle (since many scented candles release hazardous chemicals). 

As the author of the lifestyle blog Trash is for Tossers, Lauren remains dedicated to her cause by paying attention to details. When vendors reach out to her she vets them to make sure every part of their product is package free or at least recyclable. A majority of the sellers manufacture their goods in New York State. Practices like these help reduce their carbon footprint since shipments are often sent to their Brooklyn Store. And all online orders are packaged in plastic-free and eco-friendly materials.


Package Free’s Williamsburg store follows the same practices. Coffee cups, stationery, and kitchenware have no excess bubble wrap or casing surrounding them. There’s a section where customers can refill jars with laundry detergent made by Singer, herself. Employees even write out “price tags” on small pieces of rectangular cardboard with a black sharpie to avoid waste.

Does this mean that everyone should carry all of their trash in a jar to end unwanted garbage buildup? Not exactly, but with issues like The Great Pacific Garbage Patch continuing to make headlines little things can go along way.

Choose a few items or ideas that you could realistically incorporate into your everyday life.

Right now, I’m eyeing the #GIVEASHIT tote and an article on how to be a "eco-conscious" traveler from her Trash is for Tossers website.


Romeo Hunte releases Spring '19 collection

on July 11th, Designer Romeo Hunte gave the world an opportunity to preview his first Men’s Ready- to- Wear collection. The Show took place at PHD, Dream Downtown Hotel, locate in Chelsea. The Spring 2019 collection was inspired by the Brooklyn streetwear, and luxe streetwear meets swim. The details of the garments are made for everyday wear while allowing flexibility for fun and bold.  

Romeo Hunte shows off a contemporary take on street style while staying true to his functional cut and sew Nature. Check out the images below courtesy of Romeo Hunte.


Sole searching with CountRackula


Photography: @ChrisCruzin  Producer: @Thuglif3  Styled by @Countrackula  wearing 20f4s7 & Negative by Norey

Photography: @ChrisCruzin

Producer: @Thuglif3

Styled by @Countrackula

wearing 20f4s7 & Negative by Norey

Photography: @ChrisCruzin  Producer: @Thuglif3  Styled by @Countrackula  wearing Bathing Ape

Photography: @ChrisCruzin

Producer: @Thuglif3

Styled by @Countrackula

wearing Bathing Ape

Photography: @ChrisCruzin  Producer: @Thuglif3  Styled by @Countrackula

Photography: @ChrisCruzin

Producer: @Thuglif3

Styled by @Countrackula

Photography: @ChrisCruzin  Producer: @Thuglif3  Styled by @Countrackula

Photography: @ChrisCruzin

Producer: @Thuglif3

Styled by @Countrackula

Photography: @ChrisCruzin  Producer: @Thuglif3  Styled by @Countrackula  wearing Negative by Norey

Photography: @ChrisCruzin

Producer: @Thuglif3

Styled by @Countrackula

wearing Negative by Norey

Style is a way of life. Sneakers are a way of life. As I ride the subway each day my eyes are drawn to the colorful, dirty, intricate, new, and diverse row of shoes directly in front of me. I often wonder how those shoes met their match. Was it a choice of comfort or a fashion statement? Regardless of the reason, we all wear something to cover our soles, and we need them to continue our daily journey.

Each shoe collector has a story, and just like their shoe style choice it often strays from the norm.  Different.

Recently, we had the opportunity to discuss the business behind buying and reselling limited edition shoes with Countrackula and the importance of individuality in today's world.
  "I am a self-made fashion icon." - @Countrackula

From a young age, Countrackula has dedicated his free time to entrepreneurship in the world of hypebeast. From lining up at his local shoe store to now downloading the apps that have all shoe collectors readily waiting to click reserve. Read our interview with Countrackula: 

SOYYO:  What barrio is your favorite barrio?

Countrackula:  Queens. 

S:  When did you realize fashion was your thing?

C:  Ever since i started dressing myself.. I’ve always kinda put myself in “crazy” outfits that get attention, good and bad but I love it all.

S:  Who are your favorite designers?

C:  There’s so many greats to choose from.. I like too many things to pick and choose so I’ll say, I don’t have favorites. Favoritism is weird. I just like what I like.

S:  When you get dressed to start your day what comes to mind when picking your outfit?

C:  What color do I wanna wear today? What’s the weather like?

S:  Describe your closet in 1-5 words.

C:  Crazy. Rare. Excessive. Expensive. Fire.

S:  What do you do with your clothes when you outgrow them? Does each outfit have an expiration date?

C:  I sell it. All of my pieces are either very limited or very sought after, so when I’m done with them, I’ll either make some of my money back or a profit. No outfit has an expiration date.

S:  What are you most excited for when the weather is warm:

C:  Definitely excited for all the fits everyone else is gonna bring out. Gives me some competition, sometimes.

S:  Do you consider shoes as a form of art?

C:  Definitely, shoes are what puts most outfits together. The clothing is usually bought to match a pair of shoes. Shoes are probably the biggest thing artists and brands work on when it comes to collaborations. You can literally put anything on a shoe and people will love it.

S:  Do you consider yourself a collector?

C:  I am definitely a big collector. I went through most of my life keeping almost every pair of shoes I bought deadstock just because I like looking at them and saying “got them” every time someone mentioned a pair of shoes they liked or wanted, lol.

S:  What motivates you to make a purchase?

C:  When it’s for my personal collection/wear, usually whatever I like. It’s usually something that pops. When it’s to make a buck, it’s all about what the people want.

S:  Why Count Rackula?

C:  I.Count.Racks.

S:  What was the most memorable thing about growing up in Queens?

C:  Flushing meadow park is probably the most Queens park you can be in, haha.

Everything goes down there.. endless baseball and soccer games. The beautiful women you find. The fights. The globe with the sprinklers. The zoo, not just the animals. You’ll find every ethnicity in that park & they’re all locals. That’s definitely one of the most memorable things about growing up in Queens.

S:  Do you have a daily routine you follow to get your day going?

C:  I like to play some music and lay there for a while bumping before I get up off my bed. Go wash my face, brush my teeth and shower. Then i figure out what I’m gonna wear and go cause reactions from my choice in outfit for the day, while I figure out how to make the next buck.

and there you have it. A man with a hustle in fashion, making the best out of the city that raised and bred him. Stay tuned for next weeks behind the scenes of making the shoot with Christopher Cruz, 20f4s7, Reflection Dynamiks, Negative by Norey, and the self styled shoot by, Countrackula.




Tuesday Ten: Worm, the alien being


Once upon a time there was an art show and I had the great pleasure of meeting a young mastermind who had just moved to New York and was prepared to take over fashion on his own wave. To celebrate his birthday we introduce to you Kyle Wallack AKA Worm AKA Co founder and Creative Director at Washed Apparel Co, and overall amazing human being.

KYLE: “I am Kyle. Hi”

SOYYO: Why do you go by Worm?

K:  It was a joke. I only put the name with my work. The ideas come from a different alien like being - a WORM.

SOYYO:  What came first graphic design or creative direction?

K:  I’m not really sure, I think it’s all intertwined. I just like to do cool shit with cool people. Whatever I can offer to a project I am willing to.

SOYYO:  What was the first big creative project you were involved in?

K:  Washed, with my home the big tuna. That will all come full circle with our last three drops of our Spring 2018 line. We are super stoked for these.

SOYYO:  When did you begin designing clothes?

K:  In the airport in Austin, Texas. Then I was kinda just in it with Washed. [My friend] Trey and I roomed together in L.A. He was working on Carton Outerwear I was working on Washed. He was the first person to really push me and get me into design in general. I was probably super annoying but he answered every question I had about illustrator, mans is my brudder.

SOYYO:  Who do you aspire to be like when you grow up? 

K:  I love the A$AP mob, they are involved in so many different things. They also seem like super cool people. But at the end of the day I want to be different, sounds corny, but I just want to be my own being, a different species.

SOYYO:  When and why did you move to New York City?

K:  September 2017, I felt it was the right place for me to be. Hopefully big Tuna (Co Founder of Washed Apparel Co.)  moves out here this summer, that would be the gas pack!

SOYYO:  Are there certain individuals that inspire you in your career?

K:  Yeah, my family first, they hold it down but outside that big Tuna gives me most inspiration. He has been here since literally day 1, that alone keeps me going.

SOYYO:  Who do you feel like you owe the most to in your career?

K:  I owe my career and will always owe it to my family. I don’t really need to speak on that but I am a lost puppy and they are always there.


SOYYO:  Who is someone you want to work with?

K:  I want to design shoes for Nike, that would be super cool.

SOYYO:  If you could offer any advice to someone pursuing a career in fashion what would you say to them?

K:  Advice, sh!t I don't know,  I am still learning. I’d say be patient and gear up for a battle of ups and downs.

And there you have it! Worm being his own species in the fashion industry, therefore bringing a different sense of creativity into the mix. Learn more about worm at our Spring / Summer 2018 Magazine release on 4/26. We will also be dropping an exclusive video interview here next month! 

Shop Responsibly


“GOOD JOB, BABE” - Read the subject line of an email I received from eco-friendly clothing brand, Reformation

Inside, the California based company sent me a break down of how much water, carbon dioxide, and waste I cut back on last year just by shopping at their online store.

By purchasing a pair of wide-leg striped trousers and low cut silk top, during their end of the year sale, I saved the planet 1,515 gallons of water, 32 lbs. in carbon dioxide emissions and 2.2 pounds of fabric from entering a landfill.  

Prior to this, I hadn't realized that Reformation made sustainable fashion. I assumed they were just like every other trendy niche brand that rose to popularity by their celebrity clientele and cult following on Instagram. But after investigating their website further, I stumbled onto the company’s slogan, "Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We're #2."


This business model makes sense. Humans across the planet tossed about 14 million tons of clothing in 2016, 2x as much compared to 1996, because of Fast Fashion. And with the rise in popularity of consignment shops and direct to consumer brands, shoppers are opting out of spending their money on major retailers. They care where their clothes are produced, employee working conditions and its impact on the environment. Stores Study NY and Coclico follow a similar approach. Both agree that transparency is key: If people know the facts about your clothes, they’ll make ethical choices.  

The Brooklyn boutique, Coclico, outsources their shoes from a small mom and pop factory in Mallorca, Spain that takes pride in using recycled and renewable materials; cork and natural woods. Study NY uses only organic cotton, raw silk, linen as fabric and when all else fails they repurpose materials from previous collections.  And the Reformation does everything from selling vintage clothing to using viscose, a renewable plant material fiber. Sustainable fashion companies are also focused on the longevity of the items they make or “Slow Fashion.” While green fashion can put a dent in your wallet, over time it does save shoppers money to purchase fewer pieces that can last for years.

Plus, these brands don’t produce frumpy, granola items like they did when sustainability first came on the scene in the late 80’s to early 90’s. All three create cute, flirty pieces and are the answer to world’s environmental crisis.

Seriously, how can you hate that?


Isn't the point of fashion to be different?

Sustainable fashion. A loaded two words with an environmental approach - sustainable fashion allows for better treatment of our planet Earth and long-term consideration of our carbon footprint.

Sustainable fashion isn't necessarily on everyone's radar, but it absolutely should be - and here is why: 

With sustainable fashion being the opposite of fast fashion, it warrants the attention to question the materials used in every process of manufacturing. Materials in sustainable fashion dramatically decrease the carbon footprint that other manufacturing processes do not. It is our responsibility to consider our environment and raise awareness to the pollution manufacturers, and excessive consumption can have on our planet.

We can reduce the waste behind fast fashion by recycling clothes, donating and making purchases from second-hand shops. Learn more about eco-fashion below:

What is sustainable fashion? Is there such a thing as sustainable fashion?

Wikipedia’s definition: “Sustainable fashion, also called eco fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility.”

Personally, I find challenges in implementing sustainable fashion to my wardrobe because I have been raised in a consumerist environment, but it doesn't have to be. Options are not as limited as one would think and the long-term benefits are a fashion statement within itself. 

The Huffington Post UK wrote an article stating some truth which, “You've probably noticed … after purchasing clothes from fast-fashion brands, you wear the item maybe a few times before it starts falling apart. These days, fashion is causing more harm than good, so it is important to do our part and make better choices for the wellbeing of our planet.” (Tania Arrayales  11/18/2017)

As inhabitants of planet Earth, the above statement takes our environment's well being into consideration. Fashionista.com affirms why we should be considerate and mindful of the effects of fast fashion by stating, “No one wants to eat a meal laced with plastic, but if something doesn't change in our current textile economy, that could soon be a reality. Plastic microfibers, which are like tiny pieces of plastic lint that come off synthetic clothing in the washing machine, are now entering the oceans at a rate of about half a million tons every year — that's equivalent to more than 50 billion plastic bottles. Once in the water, these microfibers are ingested by aquatic wildlife and travel up the food chain where they end up being consumed by humans.” (Whitney Bauck 11/29/2017)

Will you still look fashionable if you transition to ethical wear?

My belief is yes because eating my own clothing due to the contamination would not be the ideal alternative - actually quite alarming.

What difference can I make? Is there a solution?

With the power of the internet, there is an infinite amount of information on how to begin your process of a more sustainable lifestyle. Check out greenstrategy.se and sustainablefashionmatterz.com to learn more in-depth alternatives that help the transition. Fashion brands such as Everlane provide an ethical production process; while thrift stores provide a great alternative. Rent the Runway, is another great brand to consider; which allows customers to consign or rent luxurious dresses for certain occasions then returned, therefore becoming one of few companies offering recycling alternatives. These are just small examples to bring to your attention. Our goal is to bring to you information and influence to empower you to make a change.

Sustainable Fashion

Kitsuné bring music, fashion and sports together on All Star weekend!

Kitsuné x NBA

Kitsuné x NBA

Kitsuné is a French record label, and fashion house founded in 2002. The brand name derives from the Japanese word, "fox". Last night, the Los Angeles Ace Hotel hosted influencers, celebrities, and local talent to introduce the NBA x Kitsune collaboration. The upcoming collection includes ready to wear garments and a music compilation featuring North American musicians and producers. The night was full of fashion-forward, music embracing individuals taking in the beautiful California night. 

After traveling for 8 hours, taking a quick power nap, and feeding my body - a friend and I made our way to see what the hype on this Kitsuné collection was about. Turns out there is a strong Los Angeles based community who embraces the brand culture for its music, fashion, and sports! Kitsuné cleverly released the collection February 17th, as the All-Stars weekend takes over LA. The launch event showcased artists such as Jahsh Banks who brought life to the night as partygoers sipped casually on their beverages while overlooking the LA skyline.

Take a look at the Kitsuné collection here, for now, enjoy this teaser!

FACTO the matter is it's #NYFW!

Wednesday was the first day of New York Fashion Week, and everyone is strutting around New York City with their finest designer pieces. The fashion gods are among us and it is only fair that we cover it! 

Don't miss out on LIVE coverage tonight for the  FACTO  collection preview by following us on on instagram at @soyymag!

Don't miss out on LIVE coverage tonight for the FACTO collection preview by following us on on instagram at @soyymag!

Step into Fenty with your best sole sweaters!

On Wednesday, our fierce puma - Rihanna dropped socks just in time to tell your boo what to give you on Valentine's day! Check out the collection at Stance. The socks are made for both male and female, but of course, there are many more female options. The femme options include your far from basic thigh highs to crystal embedded socks to show off your best sole. 

If Bad Gal Riri keeps pushing all this fine fashion at us, I think she may very well be the next female billionaire - no doubt on my mind! She is reigning the music, and now fashion game. What will she do next?


Washed Apparel, not just a t-shirt company!

Worm (left) & Tuna (right) - photo courtesy of Washed Apparel Co.

Worm (left) & Tuna (right) - photo courtesy of Washed Apparel Co.

With the holidays quickly approaching it is time to fill up that shopping cart with some of the finest gifts. Washed Apparel has got you covered this Fall and Winter as they release their newest collection made to keep you cozy. The 2017 F/W collection is being released tomorrow, 12:00 PM Eastern Time, and you are going to fall in love with the looks created. 

Washed apparel was founded in 2016 by two young entrepreneurs, Worm, and Tuna, based out of the east coast. They began Washed apparel as a pants company and later evolved into outerwear with garments such as hoodies, jackets, and tees. As they release the F/W '17 line they come back to what they know and bring back THE pants to wear this season! 

Worm, the creative director of Washed Apparel, outdid himself this time by releasing flannel lined khaki pants that take you into consideration. In addition to the pants, Worm also made a flannel top, with tuxedo details to elevate the holiday look. Next, Washed Apparel brings back the tracksuit in black and white to be your coziest find all season. 

Here's a preview from their lookbook, make sure to make your purchase at NOON tomorrow HERE.

Washed Apparel Co.
Washed Apparel Co.
Washed Apparel Co.
Washed Apparel Co.

all images courtesy of Washed Apparel Co.

Louis Vuitton New York: Volez Voguez Voyage

On October 27th, at the American Stock Exchange Building on 86 Trinity Place, Olivier Sailard curated "Volez, Voguez, Voyage". The exhibition translates to fly, sail, and travel, which is exactly what the Stock Exchange Building was transformed into for the historic journey through sea, land, and air - with the Louis Vuitton House. 

In 1854, Louis Vuitton reinvented the travel bag.

Louis Vuitton perfected the travel trunk, and left us a luxury creative house to prove it. Upon walking into the VVV exhibition you can smell the antiquity of the building. The images in a small exhibition room, not too many steps from the entrance, showed black and white images of the NYSE in action. The Louis Vuitton exhibition began at the check-in desk where staff dressed like flight attendants were readily available to scan the appointment pass as if to board an airplane. Past check-in, the first visual intrigue was that of a recreated New York City subway branded in "LV" everything constantly changing in flashes with the projection, of graffiti monograms on the old school subway. Just right of the train tracks, you wait for the visual fashion ride against a wall embedded with tiles of red, orange, blue and white to write, Louise Vuitton. Past the photo opp with the recreation of LV in NY you find a 10ft painting of Louis Vuitton himself. 

The first room begins in 1906, with the distinctive trunks that were handcrafted for the multi-purpose traveler. The room then evolved to the introduction of the Vuitton Family Tree, and the evolution of growth of the brand with innovators like Georges and Gaston-Louise Vuitton. To learn more about this prestigious house make an appointment for your own tour HERE

For now, enjoy these images.

Louis Vuitton

Gear Up For Winter

Just a day after Halloween it is no surprise that Reflection Dynamiks and THEOLDBLACK came together on Day of The Dead to release a limited edition Collaboration available now at Reflection Dynamiks on 1095 Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. 

THEOLDBLACK, featuring Halla Moda The Fashion and The Yung Soul, will be on site until Sunday, November 5th. The pieces in this collection revisit everyone’s favorite cult classic, Friday the 13th. Designed, painted, or stitched together, every piece is hand crafted and one-of-one. If you make your way in this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday from 3-8pm you can be sure to find yourself with a drink at hand, while enjoying live art, exclusive merchandise and speaking to the designers. 

Enjoy a preview of the collection below, photographed by Lea Polizzi