Kitsuné bring music, fashion and sports together on All Star weekend!

 Kitsuné x NBA

Kitsuné x NBA

Kitsuné is a French record label, and fashion house founded in 2002. The brand name derives from the Japanese word, "fox". Last night, the Los Angeles Ace Hotel hosted influencers, celebrities, and local talent to introduce the NBA x Kitsune collaboration. The upcoming collection includes ready to wear garments and a music compilation featuring North American musicians and producers. The night was full of fashion-forward, music embracing individuals taking in the beautiful California night. 

After traveling for 8 hours, taking a quick power nap, and feeding my body - a friend and I made our way to see what the hype on this Kitsuné collection was about. Turns out there is a strong Los Angeles based community who embraces the brand culture for its music, fashion, and sports! Kitsuné cleverly released the collection February 17th, as the All-Stars weekend takes over LA. The launch event showcased artists such as Jahsh Banks who brought life to the night as partygoers sipped casually on their beverages while overlooking the LA skyline.

Take a look at the Kitsuné collection here, for now, enjoy this teaser!