Buy one give one, the eco friendly way


ONI is a Social Enterprise that we discovered on our search for sustainable brands. We discovered that not only are their products made with environmentally friendly materials, but also decorated with embroidery of Mexican Artisan Communities from different regions of the country, under the principle of fair trade. In addition, part of the sales are destined to social and environmental activities.

In this way they generate a chain of value from beginning to end, in which our planet is protected from various angles; going through a responsible sale and consumption while also giving back to the communities the products come from. 

So far ONI Originals has planted more than 120 trees, and had green roofed a nursing home. They have also donated more than 60 pairs of shoes to people in need.

"Our flagship product are shoes, which have 3 PET plastic bottles in its interior, thus cleaning the planet of plastics that are fully usable, and instead of damaging the environment, we give them a second life.

In addition to the tennis we have more products such as bags made with eco-leather (which is made with scraps of skin) and a line of jackets which we are launching, that also have PET plastic inside. These last two products also have handmade embroidery and are made under the same principle of fair trade."

At ONI they seek to grow, so there is always room to improve, create, invent and do more incredible things. This way they can create more products with innovative materials that are good for the world, while also doing more to help these social and environmental causes that we are interested in. Check out their products at: