Louis Vuitton New York: Volez Voguez Voyage

On October 27th, at the American Stock Exchange Building on 86 Trinity Place, Olivier Sailard curated "Volez, Voguez, Voyage". The exhibition translates to fly, sail, and travel, which is exactly what the Stock Exchange Building was transformed into for the historic journey through sea, land, and air - with the Louis Vuitton House. 

In 1854, Louis Vuitton reinvented the travel bag.

Louis Vuitton perfected the travel trunk, and left us a luxury creative house to prove it. Upon walking into the VVV exhibition you can smell the antiquity of the building. The images in a small exhibition room, not too many steps from the entrance, showed black and white images of the NYSE in action. The Louis Vuitton exhibition began at the check-in desk where staff dressed like flight attendants were readily available to scan the appointment pass as if to board an airplane. Past check-in, the first visual intrigue was that of a recreated New York City subway branded in "LV" everything constantly changing in flashes with the projection, of graffiti monograms on the old school subway. Just right of the train tracks, you wait for the visual fashion ride against a wall embedded with tiles of red, orange, blue and white to write, Louise Vuitton. Past the photo opp with the recreation of LV in NY you find a 10ft painting of Louis Vuitton himself. 

The first room begins in 1906, with the distinctive trunks that were handcrafted for the multi-purpose traveler. The room then evolved to the introduction of the Vuitton Family Tree, and the evolution of growth of the brand with innovators like Georges and Gaston-Louise Vuitton. To learn more about this prestigious house make an appointment for your own tour HERE

For now, enjoy these images.

Louis Vuitton