Isn't the point of fashion to be different?

Sustainable fashion. A loaded two words with an environmental approach - sustainable fashion allows for better treatment of our planet Earth and long-term consideration of our carbon footprint.

Sustainable fashion isn't necessarily on everyone's radar, but it absolutely should be - and here is why: 

With sustainable fashion being the opposite of fast fashion, it warrants the attention to question the materials used in every process of manufacturing. Materials in sustainable fashion dramatically decrease the carbon footprint that other manufacturing processes do not. It is our responsibility to consider our environment and raise awareness to the pollution manufacturers, and excessive consumption can have on our planet.

We can reduce the waste behind fast fashion by recycling clothes, donating and making purchases from second-hand shops. Learn more about eco-fashion below:

What is sustainable fashion? Is there such a thing as sustainable fashion?

Wikipedia’s definition: “Sustainable fashion, also called eco fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility.”

Personally, I find challenges in implementing sustainable fashion to my wardrobe because I have been raised in a consumerist environment, but it doesn't have to be. Options are not as limited as one would think and the long-term benefits are a fashion statement within itself. 

The Huffington Post UK wrote an article stating some truth which, “You've probably noticed … after purchasing clothes from fast-fashion brands, you wear the item maybe a few times before it starts falling apart. These days, fashion is causing more harm than good, so it is important to do our part and make better choices for the wellbeing of our planet.” (Tania Arrayales  11/18/2017)

As inhabitants of planet Earth, the above statement takes our environment's well being into consideration. affirms why we should be considerate and mindful of the effects of fast fashion by stating, “No one wants to eat a meal laced with plastic, but if something doesn't change in our current textile economy, that could soon be a reality. Plastic microfibers, which are like tiny pieces of plastic lint that come off synthetic clothing in the washing machine, are now entering the oceans at a rate of about half a million tons every year — that's equivalent to more than 50 billion plastic bottles. Once in the water, these microfibers are ingested by aquatic wildlife and travel up the food chain where they end up being consumed by humans.” (Whitney Bauck 11/29/2017)

Will you still look fashionable if you transition to ethical wear?

My belief is yes because eating my own clothing due to the contamination would not be the ideal alternative - actually quite alarming.

What difference can I make? Is there a solution?

With the power of the internet, there is an infinite amount of information on how to begin your process of a more sustainable lifestyle. Check out and to learn more in-depth alternatives that help the transition. Fashion brands such as Everlane provide an ethical production process; while thrift stores provide a great alternative. Rent the Runway, is another great brand to consider; which allows customers to consign or rent luxurious dresses for certain occasions then returned, therefore becoming one of few companies offering recycling alternatives. These are just small examples to bring to your attention. Our goal is to bring to you information and influence to empower you to make a change.

Sustainable Fashion