Washed Apparel Co releases A Surprise Drop Today

Washed Apparel Co is comprised of two young geniuses known as, Kyle Wallack and Tim Edmonds. They have been working on developing Washed Apparel Co for over 2 years now. Their company focuses on everyday wear with pop culture influences such as gaming, sports, and music. The duo began their company by communicating remotely for two years, and have now recently began working side by side for their most current cut and sew collection.

Today, Washed is releasing a surprise limited run series of hoodies at 6:00PM Eastern time.


Shop Responsibly


“GOOD JOB, BABE” - Read the subject line of an email I received from eco-friendly clothing brand, Reformation

Inside, the California based company sent me a break down of how much water, carbon dioxide, and waste I cut back on last year just by shopping at their online store.

By purchasing a pair of wide-leg striped trousers and low cut silk top, during their end of the year sale, I saved the planet 1,515 gallons of water, 32 lbs. in carbon dioxide emissions and 2.2 pounds of fabric from entering a landfill.  

Prior to this, I hadn't realized that Reformation made sustainable fashion. I assumed they were just like every other trendy niche brand that rose to popularity by their celebrity clientele and cult following on Instagram. But after investigating their website further, I stumbled onto the company’s slogan, "Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We're #2."


This business model makes sense. Humans across the planet tossed about 14 million tons of clothing in 2016, 2x as much compared to 1996, because of Fast Fashion. And with the rise in popularity of consignment shops and direct to consumer brands, shoppers are opting out of spending their money on major retailers. They care where their clothes are produced, employee working conditions and its impact on the environment. Stores Study NY and Coclico follow a similar approach. Both agree that transparency is key: If people know the facts about your clothes, they’ll make ethical choices.  

The Brooklyn boutique, Coclico, outsources their shoes from a small mom and pop factory in Mallorca, Spain that takes pride in using recycled and renewable materials; cork and natural woods. Study NY uses only organic cotton, raw silk, linen as fabric and when all else fails they repurpose materials from previous collections.  And the Reformation does everything from selling vintage clothing to using viscose, a renewable plant material fiber. Sustainable fashion companies are also focused on the longevity of the items they make or “Slow Fashion.” While green fashion can put a dent in your wallet, over time it does save shoppers money to purchase fewer pieces that can last for years.

Plus, these brands don’t produce frumpy, granola items like they did when sustainability first came on the scene in the late 80’s to early 90’s. All three create cute, flirty pieces and are the answer to world’s environmental crisis.

Seriously, how can you hate that?


Kitsuné bring music, fashion and sports together on All Star weekend!

Kitsuné x NBA

Kitsuné x NBA

Kitsuné is a French record label, and fashion house founded in 2002. The brand name derives from the Japanese word, "fox". Last night, the Los Angeles Ace Hotel hosted influencers, celebrities, and local talent to introduce the NBA x Kitsune collaboration. The upcoming collection includes ready to wear garments and a music compilation featuring North American musicians and producers. The night was full of fashion-forward, music embracing individuals taking in the beautiful California night. 

After traveling for 8 hours, taking a quick power nap, and feeding my body - a friend and I made our way to see what the hype on this Kitsuné collection was about. Turns out there is a strong Los Angeles based community who embraces the brand culture for its music, fashion, and sports! Kitsuné cleverly released the collection February 17th, as the All-Stars weekend takes over LA. The launch event showcased artists such as Jahsh Banks who brought life to the night as partygoers sipped casually on their beverages while overlooking the LA skyline.

Take a look at the Kitsuné collection here, for now, enjoy this teaser!

Step into Fenty with your best sole sweaters!

On Wednesday, our fierce puma - Rihanna dropped socks just in time to tell your boo what to give you on Valentine's day! Check out the collection at Stance. The socks are made for both male and female, but of course, there are many more female options. The femme options include your far from basic thigh highs to crystal embedded socks to show off your best sole. 

If Bad Gal Riri keeps pushing all this fine fashion at us, I think she may very well be the next female billionaire - no doubt on my mind! She is reigning the music, and now fashion game. What will she do next?