Tuesday Ten: Worm, the alien being


Once upon a time there was an art show and I had the great pleasure of meeting a young mastermind who had just moved to New York and was prepared to take over fashion on his own wave. To celebrate his birthday we introduce to you Kyle Wallack AKA Worm AKA Co founder and Creative Director at Washed Apparel Co, and overall amazing human being.

KYLE: “I am Kyle. Hi”

SOYYO: Why do you go by Worm?

K:  It was a joke. I only put the name with my work. The ideas come from a different alien like being - a WORM.

SOYYO:  What came first graphic design or creative direction?

K:  I’m not really sure, I think it’s all intertwined. I just like to do cool shit with cool people. Whatever I can offer to a project I am willing to.

SOYYO:  What was the first big creative project you were involved in?

K:  Washed, with my home the big tuna. That will all come full circle with our last three drops of our Spring 2018 line. We are super stoked for these.

SOYYO:  When did you begin designing clothes?

K:  In the airport in Austin, Texas. Then I was kinda just in it with Washed. [My friend] Trey and I roomed together in L.A. He was working on Carton Outerwear I was working on Washed. He was the first person to really push me and get me into design in general. I was probably super annoying but he answered every question I had about illustrator, mans is my brudder.

SOYYO:  Who do you aspire to be like when you grow up? 

K:  I love the A$AP mob, they are involved in so many different things. They also seem like super cool people. But at the end of the day I want to be different, sounds corny, but I just want to be my own being, a different species.

SOYYO:  When and why did you move to New York City?

K:  September 2017, I felt it was the right place for me to be. Hopefully big Tuna (Co Founder of Washed Apparel Co.)  moves out here this summer, that would be the gas pack!

SOYYO:  Are there certain individuals that inspire you in your career?

K:  Yeah, my family first, they hold it down but outside that big Tuna gives me most inspiration. He has been here since literally day 1, that alone keeps me going.

SOYYO:  Who do you feel like you owe the most to in your career?

K:  I owe my career and will always owe it to my family. I don’t really need to speak on that but I am a lost puppy and they are always there.


SOYYO:  Who is someone you want to work with?

K:  I want to design shoes for Nike, that would be super cool.

SOYYO:  If you could offer any advice to someone pursuing a career in fashion what would you say to them?

K:  Advice, sh!t I don't know,  I am still learning. I’d say be patient and gear up for a battle of ups and downs.

And there you have it! Worm being his own species in the fashion industry, therefore bringing a different sense of creativity into the mix. Learn more about worm at our Spring / Summer 2018 Magazine release on 4/26. We will also be dropping an exclusive video interview here next month!