How to calm the fuck down in 60 seconds


If there's a part of your body that's feeling tense. Maybe you're carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders, your hands, and you need a bit of ease. Sometimes it seems like these feelings keep coming back and we can't seem to make them go away. Truth is, you're not alone, and it's time to get you back to your groove. So take a couple moments to learn how to let go of the shit you don't need. 


Tension release  

- Use the tension in your body, and let it go one area at a time. Start by tensing your head, face, and jaw then work your way to the shoulders, butt, and all the way down to your toes.  

- Take a deep breath hold it and curl your toes for a big deep breath. Let go completely after every breath. Repeat it 20 times.

- Find the nearest pillow and yell into it. 

- And now feel the tension leave your body :)

Deep breathing:

When tense, we often breathe from the upper chest. A full, deep breath helps relieve tension.

- breathe in and hold for 3 seconds. 

- let your breath go all at once, and drop your shoulders. If you're feeling extra add a sigh or a hum after.  

- Close your eyes and pay attention to the air coming in from your nose and into your lungs.

- think relaxation and repeat the exercise for 30 breaths.


 - If you’re reading this, you’re likely a creative and you have an imagination. 

- So let’s say fuck you negativity. I’m about to change the fucken world. Sorry for my French but I relieve tension by cussing. Anyhow, close your eyes. (After reading this of course)

- focus on your breath again, and imagine a place that reminds you of peace. Imagine what you want the place to be like, from the smell, temperature, to details of the plants and sounds around you.  

- be specific and maybe even imagine a goal. Imagine yourself accomplishing it and celebrating the accomplishment.