Art Thursday at Frieze

Art fairs are like love affairs, they take you on elaborate labyrinths of artist from all over the world! Every gallery you stumble upon is like a coffee date in a new environment world with a new friend. You can meet greats like David Hockney in London, Kaws in Brooklyn, and Kehinde Wiley in New York City. Today's journey around Frieze took me worldwide to the corners of London and the rivers of Java.

Each canvas, sculpture or sound is an artist’s depiction in response to influence of their time and space. Each medium shares a different story from heavy brush stroke to detailed sketch. For collectors worldwide Frieze Art Fair has a piece of art, and a date with an artis of choice in any corner of our planet which we can be relived in the comforts of your home to inspire daily. 


This year I was in awe by the scale of the tent that is propped up right beside the Icahn Stadium at Randall's Island. Hundreds of galleries, and thousands of artist all convened for the weekend of art and culture. Check out the art work below. Tell us what you though of your experience. Was there a favorite work of art that you most enjoyed?




Robert Therrien


Kehinde Wiley

Downtown for Democracy 

Downtown for Democracy 


Subodh Gupta