Masterpiece series with Patti Smith


I walked into the elaborate lobby of The Standard Hotel, with a dimly lit path through the maze of black tile walls that led the way to Patti Smith. A quick elevator ride to the top floor, a complimentary glass of wine and a few kind welcomes I walked into a room full of eager listeners, some without seats, but attentively observing their guest speaker. 

On Tuesday evening the Wall Street Journal curated a speaker panel under their event series, Masterpiece - with Punk-Queen and a great poet, Patti Smith. She took the stage to discuss her book, "Devotion" written for the "Why I Write" series introduced annually by Yale University. 

Devotion was written on a long train ride, and it is a direct glimpse into one of Patti Smith's many journals. Devotion offers insight into the creative process and inspiration that comes from cocooning. Her storytelling vividly captures her environments and every passing word has purpose and significance which evolves into a great read. In her own words, Patti explains, "This book represents a part of a tree," therefore "If I'm going to make a book and a tree is being sacrificed for me to write this book then I am going to make the best work". 

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