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Good morning New York, 

Happy hump day! This is a reminder to steer your life in your favor no matter where you are. Someone, somewhere is working towards the future, and so should you. Today is the day after midterm elections, and we have received news of elected officials who will make decisions for the rest of our country. The inspiring story of Alexandria Cortez-Ocasio stands out to us, and that is because she just made history. Ocasio, is the youngest elected crongresswoman who will be representing New York under the democratic socialist party.

Her story stems from a humbling beginning as  bartender working to pay the bills, and evolves to running for candidacy in her home state of New York to a win in 2018. Everyday we wake we have the opportunity to create the script for what is we wish to create for the world. Ocasio is a prime advocate and example of how we can thing in progress. Did you vote yesterday? If so great! If not, why? Don’t know how? Then not to worry, you can find it how here:

share with us your votin story una comment below. 


NYFW Kicks off with a Cause

Fashion Hub NYFW
New York Fashion Week
Fashion Technology

New York Fashion Week - Model babes, apparel to die for, and paparazzi are oozing through the streets of New York City. With so much glitz and glamour in front of the camera we forget about what goes on behind the scenes, The process that goes into making the entire event possible. Production, energy and time. The fashion industry has been battling the waste production side for a long time. It is the second largest cause of pollution in the world. Elucid Magazine and Fashion Hub kicked off fashion week with an important panel on Sustainability and Technology, and the influence it can have in the fashion industry.

Production and waste are too often forgotten factors. With the age of Technology on the rise designers are looking into ways technology can help reduce waste production and enhance design. Block chain and crypto-currencies have been taking over the media this year. How do Block chain and fashion come together you ask ? I wondered the same thing. Blockchain technology can help reduce waste and educate buyers with a scan of a sku. Imagine being able to scan an item of clothing and know exactly where it came from and what materials were used to create it. Digital skus will relieve material production for tags, reducing waste in every part of the garments journey. Everything from plastic production to manual labor can be reduced significantly by this technology.

Big Retail stores such as Target began using body scanning programs to reduce waste. Body scans can help mass produce samples for form factors of different body types. Instead of using fabrics and labor to re-make potential apparel Target is using mass customization to produce and create samples.

Fashion Tech goes to even higher levels with fiber optic technology. Alpha Roman has found a way to tap into the medical realm of apparel. They use this fiber optic technology called luminance to add comfort and meaning to their fabulous fits. Fiber optic weaving in clothing can reduce the pain and effects of radiation in cancer therapies. This is a ground breaking feature in fashion. Alpha Roman is empowering people through fashion and Technology. Feel good and look good no matter what you may be going through.

The future of fashion is important and its great to see designers taking strides to make it about all the people. Good clothes make people feel empowered and confident. It can be the difference between having a good day an a bad day.  Fashion Hub and Elucid Magazine brought an important topic back to the forefront of fashion. So let me leave you with this: The 10 year supply - If we stopped producing clothing right now, there would be enough clothing on this planet to drape all of us for 10 years! Think about that the next time you pick up a new garment.

Stay woke and keep innovating!


Some are consumed casually, some are abused, others are illegal, and most are prescribed. The truth of the matter is that they are accessible and sometimes it's easy to fall into the rabbit hole of substance abuse. In other words the misuse of drugs.

There are many reasons why someone may try a drug or alcohol initially, and even more reasons why someone may resort to continuing a habit of overuse. The scientific explanations is, dopamine. Our brains release dopamine, which is a hormone that travels through our "reward pathway" in our brain, therefore we expect more once we have triggered the need and want for a hit or shot of alcohol. This is how addiction begins.

There are many ways to prevent and overcome addiction and the first step is to admit to the problem. Moving forward there are hotlines such as, 888.969.6159 the American addiction center. There are also prevention centers that you can find in areas near you with a simple google search. 

I solely write this article to bring awareness to the potential of addiction and relapse as we commonly hear of situation that come about in the world of celebrity and maybe in our own communities. It is important to understand why we fall into the trap of feeling like we "need" more, while also understanding there are other means of finding a source of dopamine that are not harmful to our health. This is not to say do not do drugs ever, I am an advocate for recreational use of certain substances in moderation. It just takes a level of maturity and self awareness to go about experimenting through life with certain substances and not becoming slaves to them. Everything has a limit, and if you know someone who may be suffering show compassion and try not to judge. Sometimes the isolation of peers due to addiction leads to relapse. Be there for your peers and show them alternatives. thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope we find a way to continue promoting good health and alternatives to a positive life. Be like Lebron, "Buy art not drugs".


Tag us @soyyomag with #WellnessWednesday as a hashtag and share a success story or alternatives to enjoying recreational time. 


SOYYO Magazine x Camp Brooklyn A Creative Affair


 Soyyo Magazine curated a special fundraiser in support of Camp Brooklyn Fund! 

Seven spectacular artists showed their work, alongside recycled fashion pieces to benefit Camp Brooklyn Fund. The day consisted of networking, with a dose of music, fashion, and art!

Individuals near and far gathered as ALLIE CNTRS mixed the tuned that brough the good vibes and
Art by NY's finest was shown:

Shei Phan, showing her One of One piece from her 'Forget Me Not' series

BK THE ARTIST, showed some intimate pieces showing the beauty of love and diversity with his 'Breaking Brea' piece.

Dirt Cobain, with his notable "You get me so high" artworks.

TURTLECAPS, giving us a dose of his imaginary creatures.

Aamenasaurusrex, showing us the greatness of the outdoors through her lense.

WORM, showing us his exceptional robots to remind us that we are all interconnected and 

Tiffany showing some abstract, and tasteful pieces inspired by the outdoors. 

With surprise performance by Brooklyn natives MR. Monk and BLK ZEN! 

A huge thank you to all who came to support we sold art and clothes all for charity. A big shout out to Kombrewcha which gave us tasteful drinks to sip on, LipstickandLogic for curating the fashion, and all the creatives who joined us as we set off to send children to camp! 

"Many children from low-income families seldom get a chance to leave their urban environment. The Camp Brooklyn Fund was created to give these children an opportunity to attend sleep-away camp and have an experience of a lifetime! Just $750 will send a child to camp for two weeks in the summer."

To learn more, please visit


"Camp Brooklyn Fund provides access to life-changing camp experiences
for Brooklyn children from low-income families, equipping children with
critical growth and leadership skills and broadening their world.
Our vision is to positively transform children, families and our community."

Art Thursday at Frieze

Art fairs are like love affairs, they take you on elaborate labyrinths of artist from all over the world! Every gallery you stumble upon is like a coffee date in a new environment world with a new friend. You can meet greats like David Hockney in London, Kaws in Brooklyn, and Kehinde Wiley in New York City. Today's journey around Frieze took me worldwide to the corners of London and the rivers of Java.

Each canvas, sculpture or sound is an artist’s depiction in response to influence of their time and space. Each medium shares a different story from heavy brush stroke to detailed sketch. For collectors worldwide Frieze Art Fair has a piece of art, and a date with an artis of choice in any corner of our planet which we can be relived in the comforts of your home to inspire daily. 


This year I was in awe by the scale of the tent that is propped up right beside the Icahn Stadium at Randall's Island. Hundreds of galleries, and thousands of artist all convened for the weekend of art and culture. Check out the art work below. Tell us what you though of your experience. Was there a favorite work of art that you most enjoyed?




Robert Therrien


Kehinde Wiley

Downtown for Democracy 

Downtown for Democracy 


Subodh Gupta 

Wellness Wednesday:


World famous, DJ and philanthropist dies too young, but 

his legacy lives on through his music, and action towards the betterment of humanity. Swedish DJ, Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, died at 28 on April 20th.  

Avicii's Long list of chart topping Music goes to show that true mastery can lead to greatness. In the recently released statement, placed in the public eye by his family, they share that his legacy was truly created for his love of music. More recently, the Global Goals revealed that he also donated millions to end world hunger. 

"In 2012, he went on a 27-date tour called “House for Hunger ” around America — and donated his entire income from the tour to the US charity Feeding America, according to the New York Post".

It is truly important to promote the progressive actions that public figures and each global citizen makes as an effort for a better tomorrow. You don't have to be a multi millionaire to make a difference. Take small actions today. Visit, to begin! And if you are having thoughts of suicide or depression please seek help. #YouAreNotAlone



What happens when you put a mask on in a room full of creatives?

Eleven Sixty Six and SOYYO Magazine came together to give you a fusion of music, art, fashion and a dose of fantasy. The night began with ProtectYoHeArt’s Uncasso live painting of his signature wall “Love Is…” for all the creative spirits to partake throughout the night.

Light beats were flowing through the room as Monsters On The Horizon’s lead drummer, Kevin McAdams, orchestrated a vibe. As people began to fill the room those who came to be a part of Ritual walked to the designated altar being blessed by Shei Phan’s Yin and Yang Pandas while masks of all faces and colors were picked one by one. An hour into the Ritual, spirits began to awake through the melodic tuned of performers like - I Am Monk, Monsters on the Horizon, Kaiju Killer Klan, Indica Wave, Vice Royale, and many more. Check out the photos below, and stay tuned for the behind the scenes interviews.