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Good morning New York, 

Happy hump day! This is a reminder to steer your life in your favor no matter where you are. Someone, somewhere is working towards the future, and so should you. Today is the day after midterm elections, and we have received news of elected officials who will make decisions for the rest of our country. The inspiring story of Alexandria Cortez-Ocasio stands out to us, and that is because she just made history. Ocasio, is the youngest elected crongresswoman who will be representing New York under the democratic socialist party.

Her story stems from a humbling beginning as  bartender working to pay the bills, and evolves to running for candidacy in her home state of New York to a win in 2018. Everyday we wake we have the opportunity to create the script for what is we wish to create for the world. Ocasio is a prime advocate and example of how we can thing in progress. Did you vote yesterday? If so great! If not, why? Don’t know how? Then not to worry, you can find it how here:

share with us your votin story una comment below.