'The truth has changed' and we are responsible.

Josh Fox, The Truth Has Changed

How do you make a difference? I often ponder on the idea of how my presence, and every day actions can make an impact in my lifetime, and for the generations to come. Sometimes I feel like I can start a revolution and others I feel defeated by the constant blows that puncture our society’s progress. Last night, I felt the latter. Listening to “The Truth Has Changed” performance and book by Josh Fox made me want to keep pushing towards a positive change. 17 years after September 11, 2001 there are so many conversations that are still taking place in regards to our political, and environmental climate, Josh Fox, addresses both.

In a large theatre seating about 150 eager listeners, Josh brought life to his book. His passion radiated through the auditorium and made you hungry to learn more about the tragic state of our country and what we can do to help. From his volunteer work in feeding the first responders of 9/11 to the research which gave birth to, “GASLAND”. His words make you want to strike back. They bring attention to the horrific acts that are stabbing into the depths of mother earth’s core, making her bleed fumes of harmful gases slowly killing those inhabiting her bleeding path.

“The Truth Has Changed” is separated into a long journey of journalism, and documenting on the political spectrum which just so happens to coincide with how the rest of the world acts towards our environments. With the bad guys hard at work trying to feed their greed, the planet takes a toll in response to it. Josh Fox brings attention to the acts of, Rex Tillerson (former ExxonMobile CEO), BP, Cambridge Analytica, The Clintons, Vladimir Putin, and of course Donald Trump. They call this act, ‘Fracking: the process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, boreholes, etc., so as to force open existing fissures and extract oil or gas’. This is what catalyzes the drop in temperature of our planet, which leads to glaciers melting, species dying off, and toxicity in water areas nearest the contamination.

So how do I become involved? How do I bring awareness to the issue? How can we stop these multi billionaires from investing fear to our causes? My conclusion is education, EDUCATE YOURSELF. We live in a technology based society that gives us access to information. Find reliable sources, don’t fall trap to fast marketing, or senseless programming. We can be and do better. Wake up. Call your representatives, show up to a rally, and make your voice count.

The Truth Has Changed, Josh Fox

NYFW Kicks off with a Cause

Fashion Hub NYFW
New York Fashion Week
Fashion Technology

New York Fashion Week - Model babes, apparel to die for, and paparazzi are oozing through the streets of New York City. With so much glitz and glamour in front of the camera we forget about what goes on behind the scenes, The process that goes into making the entire event possible. Production, energy and time. The fashion industry has been battling the waste production side for a long time. It is the second largest cause of pollution in the world. Elucid Magazine and Fashion Hub kicked off fashion week with an important panel on Sustainability and Technology, and the influence it can have in the fashion industry.

Production and waste are too often forgotten factors. With the age of Technology on the rise designers are looking into ways technology can help reduce waste production and enhance design. Block chain and crypto-currencies have been taking over the media this year. How do Block chain and fashion come together you ask ? I wondered the same thing. Blockchain technology can help reduce waste and educate buyers with a scan of a sku. Imagine being able to scan an item of clothing and know exactly where it came from and what materials were used to create it. Digital skus will relieve material production for tags, reducing waste in every part of the garments journey. Everything from plastic production to manual labor can be reduced significantly by this technology.

Big Retail stores such as Target began using body scanning programs to reduce waste. Body scans can help mass produce samples for form factors of different body types. Instead of using fabrics and labor to re-make potential apparel Target is using mass customization to produce and create samples.

Fashion Tech goes to even higher levels with fiber optic technology. Alpha Roman has found a way to tap into the medical realm of apparel. They use this fiber optic technology called luminance to add comfort and meaning to their fabulous fits. Fiber optic weaving in clothing can reduce the pain and effects of radiation in cancer therapies. This is a ground breaking feature in fashion. Alpha Roman is empowering people through fashion and Technology. Feel good and look good no matter what you may be going through.

The future of fashion is important and its great to see designers taking strides to make it about all the people. Good clothes make people feel empowered and confident. It can be the difference between having a good day an a bad day.  Fashion Hub and Elucid Magazine brought an important topic back to the forefront of fashion. So let me leave you with this: The 10 year supply - If we stopped producing clothing right now, there would be enough clothing on this planet to drape all of us for 10 years! Think about that the next time you pick up a new garment.

Stay woke and keep innovating!

Become a Global Citizen just like Bad Gal Riri

"We have a long way to go and this is a fight that we're never going to stop fighting until every boy, and every girl has access to education," Rihanna said when speaking to a room full of Global Citizens who are continuously coming together for world progress. 

On February 7th, a conference was held to bring attention to world issues. In attendance, ministers, state leaders, world bank presidents, celebrities, and UN leaders came to raise funds to bridge the education gap. Rihanna was one of the many in attendance and donated her time and some capital to assist the mission. 

Be a part of the solution by taking action  here!  Comment below if you are a Global Citizen.

Be a part of the solution by taking action here! Comment below if you are a Global Citizen.