Hey buddy, you feeling a little blue? #YouAreNotAlone

Life works in mysterious ways, and through it there come ups and downs, but no one tells you just how shitty the downs can feel. For much of my life, I have been depressed. In my own thoughts, speaking poorly to myself, and then facing the world without cracking because I never thought anyone cared. I know many others like me, and it wasn't until recently that I began to think otherwise. 

It was a really dark time in my life in which I knew I needed to live, but I had no want to. Not because I didn't have dreams, a job, a family that cared, or friends. The truth of the matter was, I had everything I could possibly need to survive. I was just in a bad place. Wrong friends, wrong job, and just overall toxicity in all areas. So it wore me down. 

I didn't want to feel this way anymore because it often leads to abusing substances, irregular sleep schedule, and procrastination. So, I took some time to self-reflect. I was sober. It wasn't easy because I wanted to distract myself, numb the feeling, and escape, but this time I couldn't. I had to face myself. It wasn't easy, but it sheds light on the matter at hand. 

When I chose to look at myself, and seek counsel from entrusted friends is when I realized two very important things. One, I was abusing substances that were causing me to fall into poor habits. Two, I was the only one who could possibly get me out of my own situation.

So one day I got up and decided I was going to be happy. I changed the title of my alarm on my phone to read, "I am grateful". Began my day with a short ten minutes of meditation, food, and a walk around the city. I added physical activity to my routine and stuck to healthier habits. In just the first couple of days of doing that, I felt better. STICK TO IT, or you will relapse.

Now, I am not saying that this is true for everyone and it is completely going to change your life, but you are not alone. The world is full abundant with love, and compassion so you have to go find it! The likely outcome is that it is also within yourself. My greatest realization of all this is that YOU are the only one who has the POWER to CHANGE your situation. I stopped blaming my surroundings and started paying closer attention to me. 

I hope that this can inspire you a little and remind you that we are all human, and emotions can dictate our thinking so make sure that you feed yourself love and progressive thinking. Here are some quick life hacks that can help below.

1. Watch this (*lol*)

2. Call your mom, a friend, a mentor, or someone that makes you feel good.

soy yo

3. Write out ten nice things your like about yourself. Read them out loud.


4. Sign up for a Gym, Yoga, or Dance membership. Stay active get those hormones running.


5. Set goals for you to achieve, crossing things off a checklist feels good.

6. Cry.

soy yo

7. Find a therapist you can talk to.


We are here and we have a community of people who are just like you!