Some are consumed casually, some are abused, others are illegal, and most are prescribed. The truth of the matter is that they are accessible and sometimes it's easy to fall into the rabbit hole of substance abuse. In other words the misuse of drugs.

There are many reasons why someone may try a drug or alcohol initially, and even more reasons why someone may resort to continuing a habit of overuse. The scientific explanations is, dopamine. Our brains release dopamine, which is a hormone that travels through our "reward pathway" in our brain, therefore we expect more once we have triggered the need and want for a hit or shot of alcohol. This is how addiction begins.

There are many ways to prevent and overcome addiction and the first step is to admit to the problem. Moving forward there are hotlines such as, 888.969.6159 the American addiction center. There are also prevention centers that you can find in areas near you with a simple google search. 

I solely write this article to bring awareness to the potential of addiction and relapse as we commonly hear of situation that come about in the world of celebrity and maybe in our own communities. It is important to understand why we fall into the trap of feeling like we "need" more, while also understanding there are other means of finding a source of dopamine that are not harmful to our health. This is not to say do not do drugs ever, I am an advocate for recreational use of certain substances in moderation. It just takes a level of maturity and self awareness to go about experimenting through life with certain substances and not becoming slaves to them. Everything has a limit, and if you know someone who may be suffering show compassion and try not to judge. Sometimes the isolation of peers due to addiction leads to relapse. Be there for your peers and show them alternatives. thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope we find a way to continue promoting good health and alternatives to a positive life. Be like Lebron, "Buy art not drugs".


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