Who should have really won the Grammy?

Grammy Nominees

I was going to write #moodymonday about Kendrick winning Album of the Year, but Bruno got it & now I'm uninspired...

"Damn" SHOULD have won Album of the Year, but the academy has a long tradition of being safe, choosing those who have better mass appeal over artists who deliver important broader messages.

In fact, the last time I remember the Grammys doing anything besides what’s safe was in 2010 when Arcade Fire blew the pop dominance out the building, then jammed loud as possible till the entire audience had walked out the door.

As much as we all love to dance to Bruno’s incredible moves and flawless production, plus, besides the fact that we seem to love 90’s retro cross colors & 2-step dance moves, what did 24K really demonstrate to us? 

It's the industry's job to always push the social dynamic of the time and the academy has an obligation to celebrate those who push the hardest. 

Until then..."Be Humble..." 

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