G Eazy

G Eazy

New York City got a sweet exclusive listen to G-Eazy’s highly anticipated album ‘The Beautiful & The Damned’ out worldwide December 15th, 2017. This past Tuesday there was a private album listening party Downtown on Wall Street full of flavored whiskey drinks titled ‘The Beautiful’ and ‘The Damned’ obviously alongside food and beaming fans. 

On a brisk night after work, we stepped to the door, down a red carpet with a step and repeat. Wristbands on and ready to go, we walked up the stairs into a room lowly lit but full with friends and fans anxiously awaiting Gerald’s entrance. While whiskey flowed and food was eaten, the lights go dark and a short video is shown on the screen. It’s the official trailer video for the album and it is visually stunning. Directed by Bobby Bruderle while also being co-written by Bobby and Gerald, this trailer gives fans a visual inside to the album and what it’s meant to represent. It goes through the perspective of Gerald, living and working with demons and temptations around every corner. 

Before the video is about to end, security guards start scrambling near the stairs, moving people left and right, we realize this is the moment and we are front and center from where he will enter the crowd. He briskly walks down smiling and slapping hands with fans. Gerald comes out to sing the first track on the album and after the remainder of the album is played loud and proudly.

Track after track this album is one of his strongest albums to date and highly anticipated since he hasn't placed a full album out since 2015. Fans were beyond excited and not at all disappointed by what he delivered. Keep and eye out for the album dropping every where December 15th and let us know what you think!


Rachel Golden

Rachel's mother used her Pentax Super ME 35mm camera to capture the moments of her childhood. Always curious and adventurous, Rachel started to explore photography at the age of 12 when her mother gifted her that same Pentax and it lived on to tell many stories.

While in college at San Francisco State University, Rachel established herself as an adventurous and bubbly go to nightlife photographer. She held residencies at San Francisco's elite nightclubs and became a staple in the nightlife music scene. Now in New York, her journey has begun a new chapter.