Manchado releases PEGASUS, this friday

Manchado "Pegasus" Album Release Party



Colombian born Manchado, a producer now based in New York City, is a self-proclaimed child of the internet with a specialty in making beats with his drum machine while dancing with wolves on stage.

A childhood obsession with American pop music brought the singer, producer, dancer, writer, and fashion designer to New York City at the age of 18, just 6 years after he started producing demos at home in Bogota. 

Manchado’s latest release Pegasus is a heart of gold created by an artist that wants nothing more than love, friendship, and freedom of expression. The light-hearted nature of each synth-pop inspired track is actually a metaphoric illustration that outlines Manchados’ broader message about the human condition in modern culture.  

The digital release of Pegasus drops tomorrow at and be sure to catch him live Friday, November 17 at Wayward Social, 35 Ingraham St., Brooklyn