Tuesday Ten with Mr. Monk

Monk came into our radar earlier this year, when a fellow friend showed us a music video called "No Breaking Us" which is a portrayal of black empowerment and, at the time, political change. Monk's music is conscious with a sprinkle of politics, therefore we love bringing light to his music because he is one of few artist, today, incorporating activism into his musical poetry.


We had the opportunity to interview Monk andak about his career in music, this is what he had to say: 

SOYYO:  Soyyo means I am me, can you tell us who you are by completing the sentence “ I Am….”

Monk:  I am love.

S:  What influenced you to begin making music?

M:  I grew up listening to gospel music and the message in the songs encouraged me to want to make thought provoking music

S: How old were you when you were immersed in the music industry?

M:  I was 19 I believe when I decided to immerse myself in the music industry. 

S:  How did you get to recording and releasing your first song?

M:  A friend of mine, by the name of Leighton, introduced me to an amazing producer name Chris Belmont of Jahrockn productions. He heard my potential, and gave me some beats to work on so I started writing songs to them. Afterwards he put me in the booth and I started recording.

S:  How did it feel, and how did people respond?

M:  Recordjng a record for the first time made me feel like I could take this craft seriously. I honestly felt like a star. I was feeling myself.

S: Tell me about one of the most impactful moments in your career.

M:  The most impactful moment in my career was walking away from music for a few years, because it gave me the time I needed to reflect and learn from previous mistakes

S: What has been the proudest moment of your musical career thus far?

M:  The proudest moment of my career was between earning a check and making my first music video.

S:  How do you get into your flow?

M:  My flow is inspired by artist I respect like Yasiin Bey, Kendrick, Cole, Royce, The Roots, I can go on and on. It's also developed through emotion. Music makes you reflect on real experiences and based on how the beat is made , that determines your delivery.

S:  If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be?

M:  I know it's a typical New York artist answer but I want to perform at the garden .

S:  Name a musical influence dead or alive that you would like to make a song with. 

M:  I would love to do a record with Lauren hill . She still one of the goats .

and there you have it folks, a look into Monk's soul. To learn more about his music, check out this video below and stay tuned for upcoming releases being featured here!