A collective of "Legendary" with Monk, BLK ZEN, and Jerrbul


Drop: Oct. 20, 2018

Label: ElevenSixtySix

Genre: Contemporary Hip Hop

Tracks: 1 track / 2:45 minutes


Performance Date: Friday - 10.26

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Our Thoughts:

If you have ever stepped into ElevenSixtySix, then you know that the energy within those walls is unlike any other. You can find a photo studios, editing room, music studio, and event space. There are bound to be an artist or three working on projects at just about any hour of the day, and night. As a reflection of just how much effort, and creative energy flows through the ElevenSixtySix walls Monk and BLK ZEN created a song titled, “Legendary”.

The song has an uplifting energy to it that encompasses just what was going on for Monk and BLK ZEN. Monk shares, “BLK ZEN [and I] were up for 2 days working in the studio organizing things, planning, brainstorming, and then he decided to whip up a beat. When I heard it I instantly thought of how hard we worked. I said to myself, ‘hustle hard is all we know.‘ I thought of how bad I want to be successful, and amount of dedication I'm willing to give for it…”

Monk tells us he wrote his verse in 5 minutes. “This song is an anthem for everyone who wants to live their dream and need to hear something inspiring and motivating“. With the momentum of this new release, there’s no slowing this crew down. Their team works day and night to grow and just like the song says, “HUSTLE HARD IS ALL WE KNOW, HARDER THAN THE DAY BEFORE” this is a record is a necessity for every playlist.

Check out the video: