Moody Monday


Music molds moods - in today’s world of excessive oversaturation it seems we’ve decided to think less of the genres we’re listening and rely on our feelings to mold the audio palette. Today, the world is divided into listeners who are defined by genres or those who seek sounds only for mood alteration.

#moodymusic - to start Monday off right - instead of reviewing a new artist release, I present a throwback to a different time.

A time when #throwback made no sense and the only squad that rolled deep was the Flip Squad. Flannels and One Stars had no commercial value, but, Minus the iPhones, Social Media, & seemingly endless opinions, the 90’s were a fashionably similar time.

Like now, teenage angst was in full effect, but the kids then lacked an ability to share their emotions with anyone else unless they were somewhere together. The youth of the 90’s gathered as the last generation to exist outside of the monitor, emotions just high as our current bloomers.

Then screaming grunge singers learned the way to excited their market was through moans and growls, with lyrical content based of social alienation and the desire for freedom, packing midwest malls to the point that curfews were put into effect so that adults could shop “kidless” at their local Pacific Sunwear, now called PacSun, and maybe open an Express Credit Card if they got that job that now required a button up.

Their parents either hated Bill Clinton, or they loved him, but no one seemed to have the balls to bring it up in public and the only time you would hear about it was when Aunt Phyllis had too many Zima’s, she was “that family member” who brought up politics. 

This dynamic of hush hush and built up aggression blew the cheese off the 80’s in about a day, and basically as soon as the first chord for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was struck every cock rocker on sunset strip traded in their leather for jeans & stopped with the hair.

Bands like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Nirvana flooded a scene that was pretty sick of everything and loved all of the anger and volatility their now more openly corrupt society was spoon feeding them.

In the end it all worked out and the generations of the 90’s grew up to faster develop the internet that brought the world to a place where the underdog could get ahead and even as bad as it seems, it once was worse.

To enjoy some of the sounds of the 90’s check out #90sthrowback Mike G.Lazer 10 #moodymonday teenage angst jams - in no particular order