CODES, presents a dose of "Pleasure"

STMPD RCRDS latest release “Pleasure EP” by New York club champion Codes takes Martin Garrix’s label, beautifully free from genre constraints, to a new place - The House Music World. 

Codes delivers three impressive tracks with tight beats and wonking bass lines that are sure to light up any party around the globe.

He recently smashed the Beatport House Top 10 with his gigantic dial tone bass sub smasher “SOS” and, with the release of “Pleasure EP,” expect Codes particular brand of thump to become a staple on 2018 dancefloors. In the world of club cliches Codes is an artist that delivers unexpected throwback vibes, unheard of vinyl scratching in a house set, and an energy unmatched.

“Pleasure EP” is Codes biggest release to date and is driven by his studio talent, on point social media presence, and a serious love for guacamole.

With Codes being well on his way to dominating the worldwide club scene his music can only continue to grow and develop into some of the most unique hard-hitting beats that are sure to inspire the competition to hustle harder.