Our wellness is under "Pressure"


Imagine a night at a house party with the likes of private rooms where you can partake in a rendezvous of your choosing, with your favorite designer drug to indulge in. What would you do? Who will you be with? Where will it take you?

Monk and Ziina bring to you that "Pressure", with visuals, by Eleven SixtySix, and it will make you feel the high. With a blurry depiction of what seems to be Monk and Ziina taking a pill, as her voice seductively sings to Monk to "get high". Monk jumps in with a powerful verse stating the truths behind the peer pressures of "getting high just to feel good". 


The duos story line is well showcased through the flashy transitions that make you feel like you're under an influence. Ziina plays the part of "party girl" who provocatively influences the "cool" of taking drugs. Meanwhile, Monk's character goes through a series of events that display his party character, the effects of being under influence, and his final phase of rejecting the lifestyle of "gettin high just to be cool" all together.  

As a new memeber of sober life, I am touched by the raw story telling through monk's powerful lyricism while the displays of characters that transform from high to sober. Take a moment to watch the video and tell us what you think by commenting below.