M.I.A - a documentary

Maya Arulpragasam
Maya Arulpragasam

These last two weeks have been a journey. Not much physical but a lot of personal, internal battles that have needed sorting. I have been contemplating my values, political beliefs, and many societal views. We make people famous and don't question morale, yet I  am constantly asking myself, "what's up with that?". Which leads me to today's feature, M.I.A. an activist, artist, and public figure working behind the scenes to bring attention to global political issues.

The conversation is so current, yet not many are talking about it but thankfully Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam, best known for her stage name - M.I.A., created the song back in 2015 which was important because it addressed the conversation of refuge and borders. The song is coincidentally called, "Borders" and it touches on a broad spectrum of the world issues occurring since the beginning of history and in present-day America.

The music video to the song opens up with hundreds of men running in line as if escaping something. M.I.A. sings:

"Borders, What's up with that?
What's up with that?
Police shots
What's up with that?
What's up with that?
Your privilege
What's up with that?
Broke people
What's up with that?
Boat people
What's up with that?
The realness
What's up with that?
The new world
What's up with that?
I'm gonna keep up an order".

She evokes emotions through the rawness of her music direction and visual conception that forces you to see the issues at hand that were occurring when the song was released and still persist. 

Following the verse above, comes the hook that starts off with:

"Guns blow doors to the system
Yeah fuck 'em when we say we're not with them" 

which so strongly brings attention to the forced system that many have to live under irregardless of its injustice. The beauty of M.I.A's artivism is that it encourages and inspires others to speak out against it.

At the age of 9 M.I.A was a Sri Lanka refugee who sought asylum with her mom and siblings in London. She speaks publicly on the matter and has mentioned that she  creates her music to inspire others who have gone through similar experiences. Watch the full "Borders" video below.

Buzzworthy Canadian DJ/Producer, Pat Lok Releases New Single WYG(4ME) (ft. JONES)


 "This song happened while I was on tour in Europe a few months back, a couple hours before playing Roundhouse in London. I had been on the road for over a month and was in kind of a chaotic headspace, losing track of what day it was or what country I was in. When I met JONES in the studio we decided to explore that concept, those moments where you’re sort of living in a haze or on autopilot, not knowing what you were just doing or what you were about to do or even what you wanted to eat. It’s a little more chill than my usual but JONES’ vocals are so personal and intimate I wanted to let the track vibe off her."

-- Pat Lok

Listen to it below:


It's time to meet Zenix and immerse yourself in his universe.

Zenix Universe

Origins NYC hosted a day of networking with the great of the entertainment industry. SOYYO Magazine had the opportunity to sit and chat with Zenix (@ZenixUniverse). Watch the video and find out more about what it takes to master greatness and reach such great heights in his career.

Video by, Christopher Pierantoni @s0_Krispy

Edit by, Estefania Ochoa @thuglif3

Music by, Zenix @ZenixUniverse

Fatboy Gang

Fressh partners with 2 Milly to release "Different"

Fressh Fat Boy Gang

Origins NYC hosted a day of networking with the great of the entertainment industry. SOYYO Magazine had the opportunity to sit and chat with Fressh (@fressh_2ss). Watch the video and find out what he had to say.

Video by, Christopher Pierantoni @s0_Krispy

Edit by, Estefania Ochoa @thuglif3

Music by, 2 Milly @2milly

'Piranha' music video drops today!

We've all encountered an individual who comes into our life and chews at our insecurities then eats up our energy. Today, at midnight Monk and BlkZen released a banger that screams 'Pirahna' and it so well captures the dilemmas of dating piranha like individuals. 

Watch the video here: 

All photography by Travis Feldman @tfpsops

“Please Don't Kill The Kids”

Rising Atlanta Rapper Matt Citron and New York-based Producer, Engineer Stonegroov, present their newest project in Response to J.Cole, Pusha T, Kanye, and Drake on their single, “Please Don't Kill The Kids”

Matt Citron - Please Don't Kill The Kids

The duo connected over their similar musical interest only a few days ago. The instant click allowed them to join forces and release an unexpected, hauntingly illuminating single as a response to current events, and you need to listen to it!

“Please Don't Kill The Kids”, by Matt Citron partnered with Stonegroov, to independently release their first collaboration! The song embodies Atlanta influenced trap beats by Stonegroov, background vocals by Rich Townsend, and Citron’s sultry lyrics channeling a wave of feels. 

Let us know what you think in a comment below!


PhiloSAZEcals, now LIVE!


SAZE, Brooklyn based hip hop artist recently release SXS, a collaborative project with producer, Don. The album captured life turmoil, growth and philosophy. He is now extending his lyrical philosophies to thoughts on video to share with us, as “PhiloSAZEcals”. SAZE dares to spark a conversation with others via a series of Instagram videos we can look forward to watching  every Wednesday.


Check out this preview here: https://instagram.com/p/BjFAPN6AYuN/

And the short interview, featuring SAZE:

“I am eccentric, dark and blissful.” - @sazdiggity

SOYYO: What is your full name?

SAZE: Osaze Oluwole Akerejah

SOYYO: Where are you from?

SAZE: Jersey boy, born and raised, now based in Brooklyn

SOYYO: How has New York influenced your career?

SAZE: It exposed me to tons of lucrative networking opportunities, as well as a feeling of community that is very accepting of the different ways a person can try and carve out their identity.

SOYYO: When did you begin making music?

SAZE: Wrote my first rap ate age 6, but didn't start writing, recording and taking things more seriously until 7th, 8th grade.

SOYYO:  How are you influencing the positive sustainability of culture?

SAZE:  Great question, I think inside music and out, I try to emphasize empathy and emotional intelligence with our fellow humans. I think those two pillars can foster a lot of positivity and help people evolve in key ways.

SOYYO:  Can you provide an example of how you plan to help change the world?

SAZE: By delivering compelling and relatable songs and words that keep people from giving up on life

SOYYO:  Is there a moment in time that sticks with you in regards to your evolutions within your music?

SAZE:  When I learned how to start making beats in 2012 it opened up my eyes to how I wanted to portray myself sonically, and it laid the groundwork for me fully fleshing out my sonic blueprint

SOYYO:  What song that you have released are you most proud of?

SAZE:  I would say "Paycheck" because I think it displays the key pieces of my sound: hard drums, insightful/focused lyrics, technically savvy flows and rhythms, moody vocals, and ambient yet muscular electronic flourishes

SOYYO:  What has been a low point in your career that has made you a better musician today?

SAZE:  My various bouts with depression, especially when I approach suicidal thoughts, especially when they're all revolving around my momentum as a musician. When I'm able to pick myself out of that funk I tend to come back stronger

SOYYO:  Reflect on a high point in your career thus far and how it motivated you.

SAZE:  The release of my first all self-produced album was a definite high point. It was cool making money off of something but it was more motivating hearing all of the feedback, hearing that people were picking gold out of the unique sound I've been trying to cook up.


Listen to some SAZE here! 

Y La Bamba, touring in a city near you.

Last night, Oregon natives Y La Bamba showcased their unique take on music to dozens of fans at Brooklyn’s Union Pool. At the front of the stage stood their lead singer, in a hauntingly gentle, yet powerfully captivating manner, Jaguar in arms - Luz. Supported by her compadres on bass, drums and rhythm guitar, the band delivered a uniquely blended set, inspired by influences and genres the layman’s wouldn’t even fathom throwing into the same blender. 

With influences rooted in rock and roll and mariachi (to name a mere few), the band had the crowd both bobbing their heads, shaking their hips, and singing along.

After their set, I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with members of the band, whose unique personalities mirrors equally to their music. They told me a story of how their tour was being followed by a storm. In that moment, I thought, despite the joltingly electric performance, they provided me, and concert goers alike, a place to weather the storm.


Who is Chris Matic?


Jamaican born, Brooklyn based hip-hop artist Chris Matic delivers old school rap with jazzy instrumentals in his new song "Arrived'. His lyricism: relevant. Visuals: Scenic and in accordance to the story of his arrival to, not only, New York city, but your speakers worldwide. At least, in our perfect world. Chris Matic is the kind of rapper we want to hear more from.  His authenticity radiates in his playful visuals. From behind the kitchen stoves to the scenic New York landmarks he tells his New York tale.

This is what he had to say about his upcoming release, "I wanted to do something thoughtful for my debut on I.B. MUSIC, Thinking of Droc and his legendary history I wanted to release a Free3Pack of concept freestyles and visuals paying homage to 90's New York Hip-Hop." 


  Chris Matic releases his Free3Pack through IBM, and you can listen to his most recent release here. Stay tuned for more. #MoodyMonday.

Marc Andre

Marc Andre

MARC ANDRE, rising hip-hop artist hailing from France and coming to show New York a dose of music. Check out Tuesday Ten with Marc Andre,


"I Am an influencer, renaissance man and legend in the making. The new age crossover from overseas I am here to inspire the next generation till infinity and beyond."


SOYYO:  Where are you from?

Marc Andre:  I’m from France born and raised, East side of Paris (Chelles) lived there until I came to the states freshman year of high school in 06 to live in the DMV (D.C., Maryland & Virginia area) until I moved to New York in 2015

S:  How has New York influenced your career? 
  It was a huge turning point in my career, it helped me elevate my vision on a higher scale. The feels of the city make you go harder for what you want, but when you’re not from New York you can feel a need to get out for a while and come back when you are refreshed.

S:  When did you begin making music? 
I was 13 when I wrote and recorded my first track. At 15 I began producing, started taking music seriously by 17.

S:  Any plans on upcoming releases? 
Oh yeah, I’m dropping my first album 081391 on May 13th (Mother’s day yeah lol) big ups to Sha-Mi my engineer and the executive producer of the album, my best friend 30 Below who produced 2 tracks on there too. Me and My lady we are in a band named Blanca Negra we are releasing a chillwave EP this summer called Divine Flowers. Finally, towards the end of the year, I’m gonna drop Allure 3 a continuation of my mixtape series.

S:  How are you influencing the positive sustainability of culture?
  I always stay productive and in a creative mind state. By doing that it allows people to see that you can make it from anywhere and it pushes people to be themselves no matter the circumstances are. The world is changing, in order to accept that it takes finding your balance to make it a better a place.

S:  Is there a moment in time that sticks out to you in regards to your evolution within your music? 
I came from an immigrant family that went through a lot, I know how it feels when nobody believes in you when you don’t have shit. I made a promise to myself that I will succeed with my art to help kids reaching their potential. I will be opening food banks, art schools in less fortunate areas and 3rd world countries, giving back to the world on a daily basis because this world allowed me to be here and do what I love. Life is a gift and I feel sometimes we are blind to it because of the materialistic aspect of it.

S:  What song that you have released are you most proud of?
  Sofa produced by 30 Below
S:  What has been a low point in your career that has made you a better musician today? 
Being broke as fuck for a long time of my life, being lost not knowing where you’re going in life, being away from my family because my mom and sisters are still in France, being discriminated and misunderstood a lot of time.

S:  Reflect on a high point in your career thus far and how it motivated you.
Meeting Kanye West at his office in Calabasas California just the fact that he thanked me and told me that I inspired him, that was insane lol I remember being in Paris in 04 and going to the store to buy College Dropout as a kid haha. On the real, I’m happy that I can perform my art in English and people across the world can feel the music that motivates me every day.

Kendrick Lamar



Kendrick Lamar is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for album, Damn! He is the first non classical, jazz artist to win the prize. The Pulitzer Prize is "an award for an achievement in American journalism, literature, or music. There are thirteen made each year." 

Lamar is the first rap artist to be given the award for the album released in 2017! 

For a full list go to NY Times! For now listen to the album below: 




Rashida Jones

Drizzyyyyyyy! He always knows how to make the lovers feel some type of way. With his release a couple weeks ago of, “Nice For What” the femmes come out looking queen-like while captivating us with their fierce womanhood.

The Video features some of the most powerful women in entertainment as Drake makes this uptempo soothing R&B sounding song to motivate and empower. Listen to Drake and get your day started right! Are you a fan?

Olivia Wilde
Nice For What


A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky

It's not even fair. A$AP Rocky is redefining artistry in Hip Hop and Fashion through his collaborations with some of the top fashion houses to his wavy visuals and feel-good rhythms that keep the mob the talk of New York City’s streets.

His recent video release of "A$AP forever" is innovation at its finest. With the looping visuals showing the gang in the Bronx standing strong and collectively as they all rise with A$AP Forever. The musical savant has an eye for detail through his social pages, album artwork, fashion aesthetic, and now this music video (featured below). Rocky takes us on a spiritual journey through the harmonies and trippy ins and outs of screens that lead us to new pages of the A$AP blueprint.

Vibe out with the gang below and share some love below.

Nicki Minaj

Beats One Nicki Minaj

After months of Hiatus from Social Media - the queen of rap is BACK, by popular demand! She came back stronger than ever with two fierce singles: Barbie Tingz and Chun Li, both exuding her fire alter egos.

In a recent Beats Radio interview, she prepares us for her upcoming album and tour both due to take place this year. Nicki Minaj is coming to us with a spiritually awakened presence and we are excited to see all she has in store for us now that there have been so many changes in her personal life.

So watch out haters, the queen of rap is back and is making sure those shots you threw at her don’t bring her down because she is forever elevating.

Nicki Minaj

Cardi B

Cardi B

From performing at strip clubs to performing on world stages making musical money moves, Cardi’s hard work is valiantly scaling to top charts with clever lyricism and the best collabs featuring the top in contemporary pop music.

Cardi is on a new wave, she is keeping it all real and raw with full disclosure of what its taken for her to rise in ranks. We've been watching her journey from Instagram videos to her mixtape releases, to her most recent jaw-dropping banger “Bodak Yellow” and now Invasion Of Privacy featuring our favorites: SZA, Migos, YG, Chance The Rapper, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin! The diverse feel of her album has us playing songs from the album at any and every event. The album is one size fits most vibe, in which you can find a song to fit your mood.