Johnny Burgos

New York's very own, future-soul singer, writer, & producer Johnny Burgos drops single “Picture Perfect” giving us a new light on his feels. Check the video out below, along with an exclusive interview.

SOYYO:  What drives your musical flux?

Johnny Burgos:  Life... I just want to make music that helps people feel more proud to be themselves. I create a lot from a vulnerable place because my music provides me with a safe distance to explore my flaws. I want my music to provide that same safety for people who relate to the things I'm singing about, Ignite a desire to dig deeper, and explore within.


SOYYO:  Is there a moment in time, that you remember, in which it drove you to have to create music in reaction to it?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  That's usually how it works for me. I experience it in life, and either write about it soon after, or store it somewhere in my mind and use it in some way to inspire the process. I've been creating a lot lately and obsessed with song concepts, so I have a ton of notes and voice memos from my, "oh shit, that's dope song idea" moments.

SOYYO:  Do you have musical mentors that have guided you along your career?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  Of course. My earliest mentor is my Uncle, a world-class percussionist, Andre Martinez. I've also learned a LOT about performing and singing from my sister from another mister, talented singer, Liza Colby.


Along the way, I've also had the pleasure of learning so much about production and engineering from Fabrice Dupont, Damon Whittemore, Ryan West and Daniel Sanint, during my time at FLUX studios NYC. Lately, I'm learning TONS everyday about the business and making music with pop sensibility from my incredible team that consists of Dionna McPhatter (Marketing CEO), Rob Grimaldi (Producer), and Ben Lindell (Engineer).

SOYYO:  What musical tools can't you live without?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  Def can't be without some sort of drum or percussive outlet. After that, my laptop, native instruments bundle, omnisphere VST, and of course my Lauten Mics. I make or at least start a lot of my stuff "in the box", as we say.

SOYYO: If you could have any superpower what would it be?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  That's a tough one...
I'd love to have the power to make people believe in the truth, and not what is fed to us and keeps us fearful of chasing the things we really want in life. The things that would make us the most happy and make the world a way more positive place to exist.

SOYYO:  What music do you listen to for inspiration?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  I'm all over the place on this one. It really depends on what I'm feeling at the moment. Lately, I been digging Gambino, SiR, Quincy era MJ, H.E.R., Curtis Mayfield and Alabama Shakes to name a few.

SOYYO:  If you could perform on any stage anywhere in the world where would it be?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  Wow, another tough one...
Because of the significance to the Soul genre and how obsessed I was as a sampling producer and soul head, I'd say STAX in Memphis or The Apollo here in Harlem.

SOYYO:  If the world was going to end tomorrow what would you do?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  Help as many people as I could feel content with their last moments. I would also let those who I love, know how much I really love them. We are all we got in this life, however fooled we may be sometimes.

SOYYO:  How do you measure success?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  My system is ever changing and I struggle with this a lot but, I look for sustainability via: my original music and client projects, traveling via music, the ability to help others regularly, and being able to make time to appreciate the sustenance with those who mean the most to me.


And there you have it, words from the one and only - Johnny Burgos.