"Bitch I'm Nasty"

Photo courtesy of THE FADER

Photo courtesy of THE FADER

Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty is one of those ‘in your face’ Trap stars that most of you haven’t even heard of before. She is shameless, honest, and a fucken rock star of this musical generation. At only 21 years old she has already released three albums and is continuously evolving in her career. Her production is dynamic, and her lyricism hard, giving her the right to play with the sharks of the industry.

With so much passion vibrating through her music, Rico Nasty has a promising career ahead. She is the song you want to play when you need to be reminded of just how awesome you are. She is a self-love queen, spreading musical anthems inspiring success and unapologetic angst of everyday dilemmas.

Listen to her music here.