PhiloSAZEcals, now LIVE!


SAZE, Brooklyn based hip hop artist recently release SXS, a collaborative project with producer, Don. The album captured life turmoil, growth and philosophy. He is now extending his lyrical philosophies to thoughts on video to share with us, as “PhiloSAZEcals”. SAZE dares to spark a conversation with others via a series of Instagram videos we can look forward to watching  every Wednesday.


Check out this preview here:

And the short interview, featuring SAZE:

“I am eccentric, dark and blissful.” - @sazdiggity

SOYYO: What is your full name?

SAZE: Osaze Oluwole Akerejah

SOYYO: Where are you from?

SAZE: Jersey boy, born and raised, now based in Brooklyn

SOYYO: How has New York influenced your career?

SAZE: It exposed me to tons of lucrative networking opportunities, as well as a feeling of community that is very accepting of the different ways a person can try and carve out their identity.

SOYYO: When did you begin making music?

SAZE: Wrote my first rap ate age 6, but didn't start writing, recording and taking things more seriously until 7th, 8th grade.

SOYYO:  How are you influencing the positive sustainability of culture?

SAZE:  Great question, I think inside music and out, I try to emphasize empathy and emotional intelligence with our fellow humans. I think those two pillars can foster a lot of positivity and help people evolve in key ways.

SOYYO:  Can you provide an example of how you plan to help change the world?

SAZE: By delivering compelling and relatable songs and words that keep people from giving up on life

SOYYO:  Is there a moment in time that sticks with you in regards to your evolutions within your music?

SAZE:  When I learned how to start making beats in 2012 it opened up my eyes to how I wanted to portray myself sonically, and it laid the groundwork for me fully fleshing out my sonic blueprint

SOYYO:  What song that you have released are you most proud of?

SAZE:  I would say "Paycheck" because I think it displays the key pieces of my sound: hard drums, insightful/focused lyrics, technically savvy flows and rhythms, moody vocals, and ambient yet muscular electronic flourishes

SOYYO:  What has been a low point in your career that has made you a better musician today?

SAZE:  My various bouts with depression, especially when I approach suicidal thoughts, especially when they're all revolving around my momentum as a musician. When I'm able to pick myself out of that funk I tend to come back stronger

SOYYO:  Reflect on a high point in your career thus far and how it motivated you.

SAZE:  The release of my first all self-produced album was a definite high point. It was cool making money off of something but it was more motivating hearing all of the feedback, hearing that people were picking gold out of the unique sound I've been trying to cook up.


Listen to some SAZE here!