Conscious and collected Tekowa Lakica


"I am a powerful woman!"

- @TekowaLo

SOYYO:  When did you begin making music?

TEKOWA LAKICA:  I began making music as a kid. I started playing the classical violin at 5 and used to play duets and make songs with my mom while she played the piano. I can’t remember a time I didn’t love music or to sing. I started writing my own lyrics in 7th or 8th grade and I used to ask my chorus director if I could come in on the weekends to record myself. It was a simple set up - just one mic in a large room and a Mac with GarageBand. It was simple but that’s how I started!

SOYYO:  What inspired your musical journey?

TL:  I make music because it is integral to my humanity. It’s the way I process emotions and my human experience. I make music because it brings me peace and helps me make sense of things, and in the same way others’ music has helped me through the best and worst times in life, mine also has the potential to do that for others and that means a lot to me. It's magical.

SOYYO:  What are your must-have tools for music making?

TL:  My number one must-have tool for music making is my computer! As a musician, I am so lucky to live in an age where I can create and record music, collaborate with people in live time, and release music from almost anywhere.

SOYYO:  Do you have any mentors that help you throughout your musical flux?

TL:  I have a lot of mentors! Some specific to music and others just life mentors. My parents are definitely mentors of mine. They’re both artists in different ways so we can connect on the artistry and they always encourage my creative expression. Most of my musical mentors are actually peers that I respect, such as AETI, FunkyDawgz Brass Band, King of August, Jusslovehall, Wrex Mason. Those are all artists from my home state, CT. Hugh Masekela was also a huge influence and mentor of mine, but he, unfortunately, passed earlier this year. He was a phenomenal jazz trumpet player and a social justice activist. I will always love and appreciate him for how many lives he was able to positively impact during his time on Earth, including my own.


SOYYO:  What do you think the most important thing about your artistry is?

TL:  Honesty! I think that my music is incredibly honest even if it is uncomfortable at times. I think that we can be technically proficient or give a perfect vocal performance but the magic of music is in the feeling. How honest are your lyrics? How honest was your delivery? That’s what people feel. That’s what really means something.

SOYYO:  Do you see music and sound in color? If so what your color?

TL:  Great question! Yes! All of my senses are very linked in that way. I think that my color is purple because it’s the combination of the hottest and coolest colors (red and blue). Purple is such a balanced and regal color and its always my goal to land in the center of my own extremes and move from a calm and powerful core.

SOYYO:  If you could have a super power what would it be?

TL:  If I could have a superpower, my fingers would be 3-D printers. I’d have the power to create anything tangible.

SOYYO:  How do you want the world to perceive your music?

TL:  I don’t think too much about that or try to control how people perceive it. I make music from a genuine place of self-expression and reflection, so I hope that people can just connect with something, whether it’s the lyrics, or the melody, or the feel, etc. It will mean what it needs to mean to every individual at that particular point in their life. My own song meanings shift for me as I grow and evolve.

SOYYO:  How do you choose your song themes? And are there any projects we should look forward to?

TL:  It sounds cliche but I don’t choose song themes, they choose me. LOL

I really just focus on growing as a human being first and then its reflected in the music. As I learn and evolve as a family member, a friend, a community member, an entrepreneur, etc - it shows in the music. When I was writing Alchemy, I didn’t have an intention or theme for the project or the songs, I was just personally grasping the concept of manifesting your own destiny by turning your struggles into art/ beauty. My mindset in life was shifting and it showed. The themes of the songs just correlate to the themes I’m experiencing in life.

I’m really excited about my upcoming work. There’s no concrete date or title yet but I’m working with a new band and some new producers so stay tuned! I’m always striving to make the next project better than the last so I’m looking forward to sharing this new growth and I plan to drop singles and more videos in the meantime.