"Bitch I'm Nasty"

Photo courtesy of THE FADER

Photo courtesy of THE FADER

Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty is one of those ‘in your face’ Trap stars that most of you haven’t even heard of before. She is shameless, honest, and a fucken rock star of this musical generation. At only 21 years old she has already released three albums and is continuously evolving in her career. Her production is dynamic, and her lyricism hard, giving her the right to play with the sharks of the industry.

With so much passion vibrating through her music, Rico Nasty has a promising career ahead. She is the song you want to play when you need to be reminded of just how awesome you are. She is a self-love queen, spreading musical anthems inspiring success and unapologetic angst of everyday dilemmas.

Listen to her music here.

Evolve: A conversation with Tidus


Music streaming and publishing is at an all time high with roughly a million new songs being uploaded to the various music platforms. With such high rates of release, it is nearly impossible to control the quality of sound, but some artist set themselves apart from the rest by doing just that for themselves. Tidus - artist, singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from Brooklyn has found a way to bring progressive lyricism to his songwriting while keeping a strong production structure in his sound. We had the opportunity to find out some more insight on his process during a short interview. Find out what he had to say:

SOYYO: You’ve been making music since you were a child and have released a few records to date. Do you have an approach when you go into making your albums?


Tidus: Yes. Conceptually, every album paints a specific lesson and/or experience.... what my soul is speaking in that moment of recording it. Whether it be conscious or subconscious, ...you're listening to one document his life in real-time... while doing my best to inspire you.

There are 9 albums. I've known all the titles before I even released the first of nine... "Soon You'll Understand". It's a vision.

SOYYO:  Your music is well rounded, with clean production, impactful lyricism and delightful execution that stands out from the norm. Do you consider all these aspect when you’re in the studio making music?

Thank You. That means a lot. Like meditation, while making music I try not to think. However, I do consider how does it feels to me? And does it feel good? All those aspects do mean a lot to me, a great deal and they are elements of the bigger picture which is, how does this vibe feel?

SOYYO:  If a creature from a different galaxy landed on planet earth and asked you to explain your music to he/she how would you describe it? (Let’s assume they speak English)

Tidus:   If a creature from a different galaxy heard my music, they'd probably ask ME what galaxy I'M FROM. I'd then explain to them what medicine is, and my music is like that, it heals and humans from all over the Earth have been tuning in seeking to help re-tune.

SOYYO:  How would you say your environment growing up has influenced your creativity?

Tidus: I've grown up in various environments, so I'd say collectively,  [They've] contributed greatly [to] my eclecticism, yes.

SOYYO:  How do you hope people will remember you?
Tidus:  Someone who showed a new way.

This is a short excerpt of the full interview being released in our next edition of SOYYO Magazine on November 3rd.



All photography by Wil Adamy (@misterwil) 


Johnny Burgos

New York's very own, future-soul singer, writer, & producer Johnny Burgos drops single “Picture Perfect” giving us a new light on his feels. Check the video out below, along with an exclusive interview.

SOYYO:  What drives your musical flux?

Johnny Burgos:  Life... I just want to make music that helps people feel more proud to be themselves. I create a lot from a vulnerable place because my music provides me with a safe distance to explore my flaws. I want my music to provide that same safety for people who relate to the things I'm singing about, Ignite a desire to dig deeper, and explore within.


SOYYO:  Is there a moment in time, that you remember, in which it drove you to have to create music in reaction to it?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  That's usually how it works for me. I experience it in life, and either write about it soon after, or store it somewhere in my mind and use it in some way to inspire the process. I've been creating a lot lately and obsessed with song concepts, so I have a ton of notes and voice memos from my, "oh shit, that's dope song idea" moments.

SOYYO:  Do you have musical mentors that have guided you along your career?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  Of course. My earliest mentor is my Uncle, a world-class percussionist, Andre Martinez. I've also learned a LOT about performing and singing from my sister from another mister, talented singer, Liza Colby.


Along the way, I've also had the pleasure of learning so much about production and engineering from Fabrice Dupont, Damon Whittemore, Ryan West and Daniel Sanint, during my time at FLUX studios NYC. Lately, I'm learning TONS everyday about the business and making music with pop sensibility from my incredible team that consists of Dionna McPhatter (Marketing CEO), Rob Grimaldi (Producer), and Ben Lindell (Engineer).

SOYYO:  What musical tools can't you live without?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  Def can't be without some sort of drum or percussive outlet. After that, my laptop, native instruments bundle, omnisphere VST, and of course my Lauten Mics. I make or at least start a lot of my stuff "in the box", as we say.

SOYYO: If you could have any superpower what would it be?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  That's a tough one...
I'd love to have the power to make people believe in the truth, and not what is fed to us and keeps us fearful of chasing the things we really want in life. The things that would make us the most happy and make the world a way more positive place to exist.

SOYYO:  What music do you listen to for inspiration?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  I'm all over the place on this one. It really depends on what I'm feeling at the moment. Lately, I been digging Gambino, SiR, Quincy era MJ, H.E.R., Curtis Mayfield and Alabama Shakes to name a few.

SOYYO:  If you could perform on any stage anywhere in the world where would it be?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  Wow, another tough one...
Because of the significance to the Soul genre and how obsessed I was as a sampling producer and soul head, I'd say STAX in Memphis or The Apollo here in Harlem.

SOYYO:  If the world was going to end tomorrow what would you do?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  Help as many people as I could feel content with their last moments. I would also let those who I love, know how much I really love them. We are all we got in this life, however fooled we may be sometimes.

SOYYO:  How do you measure success?
JOHNNY BURGOS:  My system is ever changing and I struggle with this a lot but, I look for sustainability via: my original music and client projects, traveling via music, the ability to help others regularly, and being able to make time to appreciate the sustenance with those who mean the most to me.


And there you have it, words from the one and only - Johnny Burgos. 


Our mood today is 'More Love, Less Hate'


Today, ORG Only Mass, released 'More Love, Less Hate', an album title in theme with the stories told within the 24 minute record. As an introduction ORG chants "more love, less hate" and powerfully ends the song with, "Organize, radiate and be great" which keeps you in high spirits, perfectly in frequency with the uplifting energy for the songs to come.

With production influenced by sounds such as  Katranada, and international instruments MLLH taps into various musical pockets and has a song for everyone to enjoy. The diverse rhythm of feel good and upbeat keeps your third eye woke, and captivated in a manner that makes you wonder what the next track will bring.  Listen to 'More Love, Less Hate' now streaming on all music platforms.

photography by, Chris Cruz (@chriscruzin)

photography by, Chris Cruz (@chriscruzin)

It's time to meet Zenix and immerse yourself in his universe.

Zenix Universe

Origins NYC hosted a day of networking with the great of the entertainment industry. SOYYO Magazine had the opportunity to sit and chat with Zenix (@ZenixUniverse). Watch the video and find out more about what it takes to master greatness and reach such great heights in his career.

Video by, Christopher Pierantoni @s0_Krispy

Edit by, Estefania Ochoa @thuglif3

Music by, Zenix @ZenixUniverse

Y La Bamba, touring in a city near you.

Last night, Oregon natives Y La Bamba showcased their unique take on music to dozens of fans at Brooklyn’s Union Pool. At the front of the stage stood their lead singer, in a hauntingly gentle, yet powerfully captivating manner, Jaguar in arms - Luz. Supported by her compadres on bass, drums and rhythm guitar, the band delivered a uniquely blended set, inspired by influences and genres the layman’s wouldn’t even fathom throwing into the same blender. 

With influences rooted in rock and roll and mariachi (to name a mere few), the band had the crowd both bobbing their heads, shaking their hips, and singing along.

After their set, I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with members of the band, whose unique personalities mirrors equally to their music. They told me a story of how their tour was being followed by a storm. In that moment, I thought, despite the joltingly electric performance, they provided me, and concert goers alike, a place to weather the storm.


Marc Andre

Marc Andre

MARC ANDRE, rising hip-hop artist hailing from France and coming to show New York a dose of music. Check out Tuesday Ten with Marc Andre,


"I Am an influencer, renaissance man and legend in the making. The new age crossover from overseas I am here to inspire the next generation till infinity and beyond."


SOYYO:  Where are you from?

Marc Andre:  I’m from France born and raised, East side of Paris (Chelles) lived there until I came to the states freshman year of high school in 06 to live in the DMV (D.C., Maryland & Virginia area) until I moved to New York in 2015

S:  How has New York influenced your career? 
  It was a huge turning point in my career, it helped me elevate my vision on a higher scale. The feels of the city make you go harder for what you want, but when you’re not from New York you can feel a need to get out for a while and come back when you are refreshed.

S:  When did you begin making music? 
I was 13 when I wrote and recorded my first track. At 15 I began producing, started taking music seriously by 17.

S:  Any plans on upcoming releases? 
Oh yeah, I’m dropping my first album 081391 on May 13th (Mother’s day yeah lol) big ups to Sha-Mi my engineer and the executive producer of the album, my best friend 30 Below who produced 2 tracks on there too. Me and My lady we are in a band named Blanca Negra we are releasing a chillwave EP this summer called Divine Flowers. Finally, towards the end of the year, I’m gonna drop Allure 3 a continuation of my mixtape series.

S:  How are you influencing the positive sustainability of culture?
  I always stay productive and in a creative mind state. By doing that it allows people to see that you can make it from anywhere and it pushes people to be themselves no matter the circumstances are. The world is changing, in order to accept that it takes finding your balance to make it a better a place.

S:  Is there a moment in time that sticks out to you in regards to your evolution within your music? 
I came from an immigrant family that went through a lot, I know how it feels when nobody believes in you when you don’t have shit. I made a promise to myself that I will succeed with my art to help kids reaching their potential. I will be opening food banks, art schools in less fortunate areas and 3rd world countries, giving back to the world on a daily basis because this world allowed me to be here and do what I love. Life is a gift and I feel sometimes we are blind to it because of the materialistic aspect of it.

S:  What song that you have released are you most proud of?
  Sofa produced by 30 Below
S:  What has been a low point in your career that has made you a better musician today? 
Being broke as fuck for a long time of my life, being lost not knowing where you’re going in life, being away from my family because my mom and sisters are still in France, being discriminated and misunderstood a lot of time.

S:  Reflect on a high point in your career thus far and how it motivated you.
Meeting Kanye West at his office in Calabasas California just the fact that he thanked me and told me that I inspired him, that was insane lol I remember being in Paris in 04 and going to the store to buy College Dropout as a kid haha. On the real, I’m happy that I can perform my art in English and people across the world can feel the music that motivates me every day.



Kendrick Lamar is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for album, Damn! He is the first non classical, jazz artist to win the prize. The Pulitzer Prize is "an award for an achievement in American journalism, literature, or music. There are thirteen made each year." 

Lamar is the first rap artist to be given the award for the album released in 2017! 

For a full list go to NY Times! For now listen to the album below: