Fressh partners with 2 Milly to release "Different"

Fressh Fat Boy Gang

Origins NYC hosted a day of networking with the great of the entertainment industry. SOYYO Magazine had the opportunity to sit and chat with Fressh (@fressh_2ss). Watch the video and find out what he had to say.

Video by, Christopher Pierantoni @s0_Krispy

Edit by, Estefania Ochoa @thuglif3

Music by, 2 Milly @2milly

Marc Andre

Marc Andre

MARC ANDRE, rising hip-hop artist hailing from France and coming to show New York a dose of music. Check out Tuesday Ten with Marc Andre,


"I Am an influencer, renaissance man and legend in the making. The new age crossover from overseas I am here to inspire the next generation till infinity and beyond."


SOYYO:  Where are you from?

Marc Andre:  I’m from France born and raised, East side of Paris (Chelles) lived there until I came to the states freshman year of high school in 06 to live in the DMV (D.C., Maryland & Virginia area) until I moved to New York in 2015

S:  How has New York influenced your career? 
  It was a huge turning point in my career, it helped me elevate my vision on a higher scale. The feels of the city make you go harder for what you want, but when you’re not from New York you can feel a need to get out for a while and come back when you are refreshed.

S:  When did you begin making music? 
I was 13 when I wrote and recorded my first track. At 15 I began producing, started taking music seriously by 17.

S:  Any plans on upcoming releases? 
Oh yeah, I’m dropping my first album 081391 on May 13th (Mother’s day yeah lol) big ups to Sha-Mi my engineer and the executive producer of the album, my best friend 30 Below who produced 2 tracks on there too. Me and My lady we are in a band named Blanca Negra we are releasing a chillwave EP this summer called Divine Flowers. Finally, towards the end of the year, I’m gonna drop Allure 3 a continuation of my mixtape series.

S:  How are you influencing the positive sustainability of culture?
  I always stay productive and in a creative mind state. By doing that it allows people to see that you can make it from anywhere and it pushes people to be themselves no matter the circumstances are. The world is changing, in order to accept that it takes finding your balance to make it a better a place.

S:  Is there a moment in time that sticks out to you in regards to your evolution within your music? 
I came from an immigrant family that went through a lot, I know how it feels when nobody believes in you when you don’t have shit. I made a promise to myself that I will succeed with my art to help kids reaching their potential. I will be opening food banks, art schools in less fortunate areas and 3rd world countries, giving back to the world on a daily basis because this world allowed me to be here and do what I love. Life is a gift and I feel sometimes we are blind to it because of the materialistic aspect of it.

S:  What song that you have released are you most proud of?
  Sofa produced by 30 Below
S:  What has been a low point in your career that has made you a better musician today? 
Being broke as fuck for a long time of my life, being lost not knowing where you’re going in life, being away from my family because my mom and sisters are still in France, being discriminated and misunderstood a lot of time.

S:  Reflect on a high point in your career thus far and how it motivated you.
Meeting Kanye West at his office in Calabasas California just the fact that he thanked me and told me that I inspired him, that was insane lol I remember being in Paris in 04 and going to the store to buy College Dropout as a kid haha. On the real, I’m happy that I can perform my art in English and people across the world can feel the music that motivates me every day.


Rashida Jones

Drizzyyyyyyy! He always knows how to make the lovers feel some type of way. With his release a couple weeks ago of, “Nice For What” the femmes come out looking queen-like while captivating us with their fierce womanhood.

The Video features some of the most powerful women in entertainment as Drake makes this uptempo soothing R&B sounding song to motivate and empower. Listen to Drake and get your day started right! Are you a fan?

Olivia Wilde
Nice For What

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky

It's not even fair. A$AP Rocky is redefining artistry in Hip Hop and Fashion through his collaborations with some of the top fashion houses to his wavy visuals and feel-good rhythms that keep the mob the talk of New York City’s streets.

His recent video release of "A$AP forever" is innovation at its finest. With the looping visuals showing the gang in the Bronx standing strong and collectively as they all rise with A$AP Forever. The musical savant has an eye for detail through his social pages, album artwork, fashion aesthetic, and now this music video (featured below). Rocky takes us on a spiritual journey through the harmonies and trippy ins and outs of screens that lead us to new pages of the A$AP blueprint.

Vibe out with the gang below and share some love below.

Nicki Minaj

Beats One Nicki Minaj

After months of Hiatus from Social Media - the queen of rap is BACK, by popular demand! She came back stronger than ever with two fierce singles: Barbie Tingz and Chun Li, both exuding her fire alter egos.

In a recent Beats Radio interview, she prepares us for her upcoming album and tour both due to take place this year. Nicki Minaj is coming to us with a spiritually awakened presence and we are excited to see all she has in store for us now that there have been so many changes in her personal life.

So watch out haters, the queen of rap is back and is making sure those shots you threw at her don’t bring her down because she is forever elevating.

Nicki Minaj