Evolve: A conversation with Tidus


Music streaming and publishing is at an all time high with roughly a million new songs being uploaded to the various music platforms. With such high rates of release, it is nearly impossible to control the quality of sound, but some artist set themselves apart from the rest by doing just that for themselves. Tidus - artist, singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from Brooklyn has found a way to bring progressive lyricism to his songwriting while keeping a strong production structure in his sound. We had the opportunity to find out some more insight on his process during a short interview. Find out what he had to say:

SOYYO: You’ve been making music since you were a child and have released a few records to date. Do you have an approach when you go into making your albums?


Tidus: Yes. Conceptually, every album paints a specific lesson and/or experience.... what my soul is speaking in that moment of recording it. Whether it be conscious or subconscious, ...you're listening to one document his life in real-time... while doing my best to inspire you.

There are 9 albums. I've known all the titles before I even released the first of nine... "Soon You'll Understand". It's a vision.

SOYYO:  Your music is well rounded, with clean production, impactful lyricism and delightful execution that stands out from the norm. Do you consider all these aspect when you’re in the studio making music?

Thank You. That means a lot. Like meditation, while making music I try not to think. However, I do consider how does it feels to me? And does it feel good? All those aspects do mean a lot to me, a great deal and they are elements of the bigger picture which is, how does this vibe feel?

SOYYO:  If a creature from a different galaxy landed on planet earth and asked you to explain your music to he/she how would you describe it? (Let’s assume they speak English)

Tidus:   If a creature from a different galaxy heard my music, they'd probably ask ME what galaxy I'M FROM. I'd then explain to them what medicine is, and my music is like that, it heals and humans from all over the Earth have been tuning in seeking to help re-tune.

SOYYO:  How would you say your environment growing up has influenced your creativity?

Tidus: I've grown up in various environments, so I'd say collectively,  [They've] contributed greatly [to] my eclecticism, yes.

SOYYO:  How do you hope people will remember you?
Tidus:  Someone who showed a new way.

This is a short excerpt of the full interview being released in our next edition of SOYYO Magazine on November 3rd.



All photography by Wil Adamy (@misterwil)