Y La Bamba, touring in a city near you.

Last night, Oregon natives Y La Bamba showcased their unique take on music to dozens of fans at Brooklyn’s Union Pool. At the front of the stage stood their lead singer, in a hauntingly gentle, yet powerfully captivating manner, Jaguar in arms - Luz. Supported by her compadres on bass, drums and rhythm guitar, the band delivered a uniquely blended set, inspired by influences and genres the layman’s wouldn’t even fathom throwing into the same blender. 

With influences rooted in rock and roll and mariachi (to name a mere few), the band had the crowd both bobbing their heads, shaking their hips, and singing along.

After their set, I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with members of the band, whose unique personalities mirrors equally to their music. They told me a story of how their tour was being followed by a storm. In that moment, I thought, despite the joltingly electric performance, they provided me, and concert goers alike, a place to weather the storm.