Creatives are Innovators.

We are the home to all creatives. We believe in carving the way culture will continue to grow. Change is the only thing we can count on, and Soyyo Magazine is a media company that thrives by adapting and evolving with the environment. We are a united community with a mission to collaborate with diverse individuals who can influence the universe.

Soyyo Magazine is a media company based out of New York, but not limited to the rest of the world. We tap into various communities and excel in promoting a culture of self expression. We encourage and fuel ideologies that continue to push humankind forward.

"Our foundation stems from a belief that we can be whoever we want to be. All senses are felt when you create. We want you to feel the movement with us."

Estefania E Ochoa

Founder at SOYYO Magazine


SOYYO Magazine


Everything I say after I Am, I Become